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Hello everyone, I uploaded an MP3 music playing software in the BlackBerry Development Competition to show the actual lyrics. I hope you can support it.


The interface is as follows:




A music player that displays the lyrics.

This version does not support network downloads to read local lyrics, so you do not need to connect to the Internet.

And above.

The thumbnail is in
8900 (os5.0)
UI, including buttons (from left to right): Play
Pause, last song, single loop playback
The list file is played cyclically, next, and stopped. The menu has the background playback option.

Scan only
Because you cannot download the lyrics from the Internet, you need to prepare your own lyrics. There is no problem with the display of the lyrics of an English song. The Chinese lyrics may not be recognized by the mobile phone when the lyrics are imported from the computer. At this time, you need to convert the lyrics file into the encoding format.
Encoding. This problem does not occur when the lyrics download function is added below.

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