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Haven't written anything in years, why? is because the transition to do the leadership, thinking and strategy of things to do too much, the implementation of the less, this is one of the first; I am also a person, people will inevitably refined, leadership and staff have a certain difference. This leader to do a long time, write something really difficult, usually suppress half a day also can not put out a few fart out, ultimately or to the PR company to do it! Quiet several years later, this should not come out clowning, but saw Alibaba's horse always launched the "Ali mother" after, this fart not to put unhappiness! Want to pull the eye of the method more and more naked, before also light a arm, at least wear a trousers? Now, all naked out of the mirror, the police asked, you how naked Ben, he confidently lying open butt out of a thong said, "You don't say nonsense, I wear underwear, I will sue you slander!"

"Ali mother" low-key public test?

I don't know what the guy wrote, said Ali mother low-key public test, just went to Baidu looked, on this "Ali mother website low-key public test Alibaba into the network ads" of the manuscript Baidu found the same 43, other news and the so-called industry XXX experts and scholars of the view, Add up to definitely more than 30 articles, reproduced at least 200 times. Know what is the meaning of PR people, 80% know that this must be the manufacturer's manuscript, those who are experts and scholars is only the Gunners, do not believe their words!
Enterprises to promote the promotion, I can understand that a little bit bigger companies have market departments, who dare to say that their company is no marketing department, do not advertise, I will knock him dead.
However, you publicity on the publicity, why hang the name of low-key public test to fool the media and netizens? These days, we are not fools, from the daily income of 1 million to 1 million, from the world's leading business-to-business web site to hold a telescope can not find opponents, never willing to go public to the wind to take a day after Ali to invest money, how many real ingredients here? Everyone in mind with Spiegel Yes, want to refer to see the Guofanseng Big guy's blog to go;

This is the network Alliance, it is convenient for you to put your left pocket money in the right pocket, what is the great thing to say? The world is so vulgar, you and I in the meantime, how can behold!

Vulgar is not afraid, not vulgar, right? Very good brand image, I look more like "Sister Furong" "chrysanthemum sister" stream? Ali simply, put what "Ali Grandma" "Ali Grandpa" "Ali sister-in-law" Ali uncle "Ali Aunt" "Ali grandson" "Ali Son" "Ali Little Lover" and so on to register it? Save for everyone to note what after Dad's stepmother out of disgust you, you think?

is Alibaba so optimistic?

Alibaba effect drops sharply? From 07 onwards, there are a lot of members reflect the effect of Ali is: Old Lady New Year, a year less than a year! Alibaba in the past few years the amount of web browsing changes, the following figure is through the Alexa data, from this table we can see from the beginning of 2006, Alibaba website visits have been declining, and from 06 to 07 this downward trend has been expanding, By June 2007, the volume of browsing has dropped to just 2004-year levels, in the global rankings from the original 29 has been down to the current 108, but the number of vendors to do the promotion of Alibaba is more than 20 times times in 2004, so as to analyze the effect of poor, it is not surprising, this will soon be listed, Performance everyone saw, but also do this some irrelevant things to the shareholders?

Enterprise reflects Alibaba above the customer business is more and more difficult to do, it is difficult to do in fact a large part of the reason is the inquiry of Alibaba caused by mass, from the first half of 06, Alibaba based on the requirements of many supplier customers under pressure, adjusted the inquiry group mass function, but still retain the function of mass This function of the adjustment so that the bulk of the inquiry relatively reduced, the same customer received a relatively small number of inquiries. The most important thing is that companies spend a lot of money to buy Alibaba's products, the final is "effective, no results", the conversion rate of business opportunities near zero;

Visit from China, accounted for 80% of the total number of visits, truly from international buyers of the visit even 10% are not, so many Chinese enterprises to buy Alibaba products is to do foreign trade promotion, but the current flow can support Ali so many member enterprises of foreign trade needs?

From the current situation, Alibaba's development has entered a bottleneck, the number of suppliers to increase, buyers to visit the decline, the service has no way to keep up, the promotion of rapid decline in the current Alibaba our exporters to promote the value of our reflection, because the promotion of Alibaba is not low cost.

The real name of the network, Alibaba heart Forever Pain

Network real-Name installation volume and influence, in the field of plug-in recognition second, fear no one dare to recognize first. The horse always buys back 3721 and Yahoo China after the total hand of Zhou, it is rumored that the first thing is to 3721 of the background wall to be torn down, can see that two of the Internet eldest brother has not been merged before is not very happy, in a 360 security guards and Yahoo real name after the fierce struggle, the network real name installation rate from occupy the market 60% The above market to now less than 30% of the market, according to 3721 of the valuation of 120 million U.S. dollars, the horse always lost at least 480 million yuan, plus the real name of the effect is not as good as before. According to the author's sense Cnnic's common web site, installation volume and sales may have been leveled or exceeded the network real name. So, such as a great loss, it is not surprising why Alibaba uncharacteristically to even hire some disgusting clown frequently Zhou Yi;

Second, since Ma bought Yahoo China, its 3721 network name has been living in turmoil. I do not know why, perhaps because of the need for resource integration! Ma always forcibly removed 3721 brands, and the core domain name stop using. In a few days, the horse has always reopened 3721 domain names and resources, which means that 3721 of the reappearance of the lake. That had thought, the day has the accident situation, because Microsoft and 3721 contract expiration, Microsoft Company has officially terminated the network real name Business partnership. Without the support of Microsoft IE Browser, just dead of 3721 network real names deserve to die?

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