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Sometimes want to know the CPU utilization of their Mac, then how to operate in order to display the CPU at any time on the desktop, today's MAC basic tutorial will tell you, senior users can skip.

Turn on your MAC's system with Software "Activity Monitor" (Search for the Magnifier button in the upper right corner of the screen that you can't find), minimize it to the dock, right-click the dock icon, and select Show CPU usage. This will be able to see the CPU of the Apple Computer at any time, and is divided into the core display. Of course, you can also let the Activity Monitor Dock icon display memory, hard disk, network card and other hardware operating conditions, but most people should be concerned about CPU usage.

In addition to monitoring CPU usage, when you find that the CPU is racing, you can also quit the process of crazy resources. Click on the Activity monitor and click on the "CPU" tab at the top to have the process sort by CPU usage. For those high-CPU-intensive items, select and then click "Exit Process" in the upper left corner.

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