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The person with Mac computer, estimate is not used to shut down the machine. Although the Mac can not need to shut down the computer, but over time due to application software occupies the resulting cache file or generated virtual content Exchange file or sleep image file and so on.

Will occupy a lot of space. Small part tonight unfortunately, Mac disks are full. So, think of deleting useless files, delete downloaded files, uninstall infrequently used software. Tossing the most of the day, freeing up 7G space. Happy, watching the badminton men's doubles competition.

The computer occasionally moan, and then gradually hair, accidentally burns ~ ~ after watching the game, found hemp eggs, the disk is only 1G available. Immediately shut down, restart, surprised, found that the second of its wonderful more than more than 20 g out.

A little chicken jelly, with curiosity Google, the Mac disk is covered with what to do? Results many people on the web feedback the long-term non-shutdown, will result in a large number of disk usage.

Leng, think about the last time the shutdown is God horse time. Nima, looks like a few months did not turn off the machine. Not to mention the application, has always been closed.

Below, the solution is full for disk. How do I prevent the disk from being filled?

1. Close the application

Applications like the Safari browser, Chrome, and so on, generate a lot of temporary cache files when they run. If you do not close the application for a long time, these cache files will grow and these cache files will not be purged.

Of course, you can remove the cache files manually. But restarting the application is a much easier approach. Let the program help you clear the cache file, why not? This trick works especially for browsers.

2. Restart Mac, System Installation update

Although we seldom restart the Mac, I would like to point out that restarting the Mac frees up a decent amount of free disk space. Restart your Mac to refresh the system cache and clean up the cache for some applications. Installing system updates, perhaps more significantly, is to clear both: virtual memory swap files (swapfile) and sleep image files (sleepimage). If you rarely restart your Mac computer, both of these can become very large.

3, reasonable management of your "download"

Download the Mac, download the file will be concentrated in the downloads, as a compressed package, decompression after the removal of the compressed package. After installing the application, delete the. dmg file.

4. Empty the Trash

Most of the time, we delete files that are generally not directly and completely deleted, and the deleted files are stored in the trash (like the Windows garbage Collection station). The trash file still consumes disk space. Empty the Trash to free up disk space.

5. Clean space Artifact--Cleanmymac

Cleanmymac is a very famous Mac Disk Cleanup software, can help you to automatically scan your Mac, to clean up the user cache files, system cache files, system log files and other system garbage, it can also help you to find large files and infrequently used files in the machine, Follow your wishes to perform the delete operation, the Cleanmymac comes with the utility which the uninstaller function is also very practical, can help Mac users to completely uninstall unwanted applications, no residue, more efficient free disk space

Mac Disk Full Solution

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