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Outlook is the company's essential software, developed under the Mac, of course, with the Mac version of Outlook, today describes how to set up an automatic reply to Outlook under your Mac.

There are two ways of accounts, one is Exchange account, and the other is Pop/imap.

First, the Exchange account

1. Open Outlook under Mac.

2. In the menu tools, select out of Office,

Since my account is e-mail, I cannot choose.

See the original

To has your Exchange account reply to new messages automatically (even if Outlook for Mac was not running):

  • Select Tools | Out of Office ... From the menu on Outlook for Mac.
  • Make sure Send out of Office messages is selected.
  • enter the desired message under  Reply to messages with:
    • include when-or if-people Mailing you in your absence can expect a personal answer. This might is some time after you'll have returned.
  • Make sure more options is visible.
  • If you know when you'll be unavailable:
    • Make sure I amout of the office between.
    • Enter the date and time you ll leave behind email under Start Date:.
    • Enter the date and time you'll be back under End Date:.
  • To has Exchange send messages not the only to people in your organization:
    • Make sure Send replies outside my company to: is checked.
    • Select Address book contacts only or anyone outside mycompany.
    • enter the desired message for the Out-of-office reply for senders outside your organization under  reply once to Each sender outside my company with: .
      • you can leave out contact details on this message for the world, for example.
  • Click OK.

Let me introduce the method of Pop/imap.

1. Select rules in Tools,

3. This interface will appear.

4. See there is no exchange type here, so you can handle the type of account here. Select your account type, my is pop, so on the left to select Pop, and then point to the right of the plus, the configuration interface will appear, my configuration is as follows:

5. Click Reply Text ... The button, then enter your auto-reply message in it and click OK.

6. The final return interface is as follows:

OK, now you can start the automatic reply at any time. Just tick on the right to select or not.

See the original: How-to-set-up-an-out-of-office-vacation-auto-reply-in-outlook-for-mac.htm

Mac Outlook Settings Auto Reply

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