Mac Safari Usage Tips

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Mac Safari Usage Tips:

1. Set Home Page Options

Very simple, enter Safari's "Settings and preferences" option, home "General" can change the home page display items. For example, the top sites display can be set to a maximum of 24, showing more often to the site.

2. Block pop-up windows

In the security option, you can see that the "Block pop-up window" feature is the default check, the advantage is that web ads, spam sites will not automatically pop-up, but such as net bank payments are also blocked, so you can change this option according to the use of requirements.

3, protect privacy, delete data

If you frequently visit some fixed web sites, you will store a large number of cookies and caching, if the data is corrupted, the site will not load normally. When similar situations occur, you can view "details" in the first item in the Privacy option, delete the content of the relevant web site, and, of course, delete all site data periodically to protect privacy.

4, Management Plug-ins

In the security project, you can manage the plug-ins that are loaded for each Web site, adjust to "allow" or "request", and some common content can choose "Allow" so that when you use it, it will not pop up the relevant windows and improve efficiency.

5. Use Development Menu

When Safari appears in frequent animation, crashes, and other anomalies, you can use the "development model" to solve, to clear the browser cache or simply disable caching, to help you troubleshoot and solve problems. To open development mode, in the last advanced, select Show Development menu in menu bar.

6, highlight each item on the page

If you want to quickly find links in the Web page, such as interactive items, you can press the "option+tab" shortcut keys to achieve, so safari will highlight the items can be operated, the default press ENTER to open the link, very convenient.

  What is Safari shortcut key?

  tags and Web navigation shortcuts:

Switch to the next tab page –control+tab

Switch to previous label page –control+shift+tab

Scroll down one screen-spaces

Scroll up one screen –shift+ space

Focus moves to the address bar –command+l

Add Tag page –command+t

Open link in new tab –command+ click Link

Add links to the reading list –shift+ click links

  To read and view the shortcut keys for a Web page:

Remove formatting and read –command+shift+r in the reader

Increase Text size –command+ Plus

Decrease Text size –command+ minus

Default Text Size –command+0

Enter or exit full screen –command+escape

Open Home –command+shift+h

Mailing the link to the current page –command+shift+i

  Shortcut keys for caching, loading pages, source code, and pop-up windows:

Empty browser Cache –command+option+e

Reload Page –command+r

Stop loading page –command+.

View Page source code –command+option+u

Prevent pop-up windows –command+shift+k

  Shortcut keys for locating and navigating in the found items:

Find text on a page –command+f

Browse down the Found item – Enter

Browse up to the items found –shift+ carriage return

  Shortcut keys for toolbars, history, and reading lists:

Hide or show the toolbar –command+i

Hide or show the bookmarks bar –command+shift+b

Hide or show the status bar –command+/

Hide or Show tab bar –command+shift+t

Show Top sites–command+option+1

Show History –command+option+2

Show reading list –command+shift+l

Display the download content –command+option+l

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