Mac install Remote Tools SecureCRT Hack method (detailed with the figure)

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Want to realize the remote connection function of Mac, originally wanted to use terminal, but many functions of terminal is not good, so decided to install a kind of software like Windows Xshell, so chose this securecrt.

First prepare two things, one is, the other is its cracked file

This article refers to the installation mode of, and improves a lot of the details that are not said.

1. Install. App software, there are resources in the link above. Follow the steps to install it.

2, open the terminal.

Then enter the command sudo perl hack file path App package path/APPLICATIONS/SECURECRT.APP/CONTENTS/MACOS/SECURECRT

The path is fetched directly by dragging the file to the command window, the path is displayed, then ctril+c copied, ctril+v pasted

3, the installation process (please see the text, picture some errors)

(1) Input command

(2) Enter the password

(3) command is executed

(4) Start SECURECRT. The interface will display allowing you to enter licence, select Continue

(5) Originally thought needs to fill in the thing, actually does not fill, direct next can, is continue

(6) Enter the interface (here is the key)

Name and Company cannot be filled in here. To fill in the previous (3) generated that, my first installation is not filled in the last step when the error

(7) After filling out the name and company in the previous step, go to the bottom interface and fill in the third generated number and license

(8) will let you fill out issue date, according to the third part of the good

(9) Your software will be installed successfully.


(1) The command does not enter the error, I entered the error and then installed three times

(2) The command means to crack the file and install it inside the. app file. Each app file is a package that you can view

Select the file, then click the location of the red circle and choose Show Package Contents

(4) You will see a contents folder, then open it, you will see a bunch of folders, with this time the cracked file is here

So your command/applications/ into this folder. Then start the Command window and put the cracked file here to run. Generate a broken decode to return to your terminal

Thank you for your inquiry, if you have any questions please leave a message, I will be in the review even if you reply, I wish everyone love the software can become a master of the generation.

Mac install Remote Tools SecureCRT Hack method (detailed with the figure)

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