Mac lion system installation

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Note: The upgrade of earlier versions must be completely installed. partitions can only be divided into four zones, one for Mac, one for win7, and two for document storage. It doesn't matter if you don't need so many disks, you can set it by yourself. Generally, Unix systems only use one disk, which makes File Operations smoother. Partition order: the MAC system must be installed in the penultimate partition. The penultimate partition can be used to install the win7 system, and the remaining disks can be used as data storage disks.

The following describes the installation process.

1. Shut down the computer, connect to the USB flash drive, and immediately press and hold the option key, waiting for the following options to appear


2. Select "disk tool" for partitioning
















Then follow the steps to activate and use it. Drivers and so on are all self-contained and do not need to be re-installed.

After the installation, you can experience the fierce lions.

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