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System: OS X 10.11.6

The MAC system has its own Python2.7, using the Easy_install command with its own system to install the modules online. If you need to use the PYTHON3 environment, python3.5 is invoked at the terminal input Python3 after installing the Python3.5.
1, view Python version


2, install NumPy
NumPy is a Python package. It represents "Numeric Python". It is a library of multidimensional array objects and a collection of routines that are used to process arrays.

sudo easy_install numpy

3. Install scipy
Built on top of NumPy, the SCIPY library provides a set of tools for scientific computing in Python, such as algorithms for numerical computations and functional functions that can be easily processed by data.

sudo easy_install scipy

NumPy is a mathematical computing module based on matrix.
SciPy is based on numpy, a scientific computing base, and has some higher order abstraction and physical models. Let's say a Fourier transform, which is a mathematical process, with NumPy, as a filter, this is a signal processing model, find in the scipy.

4, install Matplotlib
Matplotlib is a Python 2D drawing library that generates publishing quality-level graphics in a variety of hard copy formats and cross-platform interactive environments.

sudo easy_install matplotlib

5, quit Python command mode
Use Quit (), exit (), or ctrl-d exit command line.

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