Mac os under Android Studio Java not found unable to find a valid JVM

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Android Studio official version has been released for some time, using the Mac version of Android Studio may be problematic with Java not found:android Studio is unable to find a valid JVM.

To solve this problem:

The first thing to determine is that there is no JDK installed on your Mac system, and you can view your JDK version by entering the command java-version on the terminal. If the JDK is not installed, install the JDK first, the installation method is not much to say, you can go to the Oracle official website to download the installation.

Next determine your JDK version, if the JDK version is not version 1.6, it is possible that the above problems could not start Android Studio. The reason is that the 1.6 version of the JVM is required by default in the configuration file for Android studio, so you can easily modify the configuration file under Android Studio. Here's how:

1. Find your Android file location, usually under the Applications folder.

2. Select Android file, open the right-click menu, select Show Package Contents open Android (in fact, the app file under Mac System is a special folder).

3. Go to the Contents folder and locate the Info.plist configuration file.

4. You can open the Info.plist configuration file, find the <key>JVMVersion<key> tag, you can see the label below for <STRING>1.6<STRING> Using the JVM1.6 version by default, the latest JDK is now 1.8. Change 1.6 to the JDK version you installed and save the changes to solve the problem, or simply change to 1.6+ to be compatible with more than 1.6 jdk versions.

Mac os under Android Studio Java not found unable to find a valid JVM

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