Mac OS X mountain lion, a failed system

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After Mac OS is upgraded to mountain lion 10.8.2, the GIT GUI function of xcode 4.5 becomes invalid and is about to be downgraded to Lion. Many American or Japanese friends have encountered such problems on Google.
We suffered a huge loss this time, and none of the clients can be synchronized with the GIT repository.

You cannot connect to the GIT server in the LAN in the organizer, and the user name or password is incorrect. However, the command line is still good and GitHub can also be connected. Mountain Lion is so lethal?

Many software are incompatible, such as the simplest Screen Protection screenstagram. in the latest situation, the administrator username is capitalized. After modification, you can connect to the GIT repository normally (new, however, this still does not explain that the previous normal project cannot be normally accessed (and I have used lowercase letters before), and new bindings must be created. However, the git ui in xcode4.5 in mountain lion cannot be synchronized, while xcode4.2 in Mac OS X lion can normally push pull.
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