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Mac has come with Python, my Mac system is Yosemite, and the Python version is 2.7.10.

But Ipython to install themselves, there are many ways online, but there is not a simple and can quickly solve the problem. I will install the Ipython on my own today simple record of the following steps:
I was installed through the PIP Ipython,pip is Python's package management tool

First, install PIP
The Mac defaults to no Pip, so the first step is to install the PIP first.

sudo easy_install pip
... ...
... N lines omitted here ...
... ...
Processing dependencies for PIP finished processing dependencies for

A successful installation will display the information above
Second, the use of PIP installation Ipython

sudo pip install Ipython
... ... ...
... Omit n rows ...
...... ...
Successfully installed appnope-0.1.0 decorator-4.0.4 gnureadline-6.3.3 ipython-4.0.0 pexpect-4.0.1 pickleshare-0.5 ptyprocess-0.5 simplegeneric-0.8.1 traitlets-4.0.0

Successful installation will display the information for the successful installation.

At this point the command line input Ipython, it will enter the Ipthon shell mode, than Python's default shell code to write more convenient, such as the TAB key can automatically complement the congruent ...
The use of ipython can be searched on its own

If you do not take sudo, you may receive the following error message:

... ... ... ...
ioerror: [Errno] Permission denied: '/library/python/2.7/site-packages/ '

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