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"Diablo 3" is a large number of players welcomed the large-scale games, most of the Mac users can be very smooth play "Diablo 3", but still some of the old model users can not run smoothly. To solve this problem, today Xiao-bian introduced some of the "Diablo 3" optimization methods.

The first thing to be clear is that the player can press control+r in the game to display the game frame rate (FPS). For Diablo 3, the average frame rate above 30FPS can be guaranteed to be basically smooth. Here are some of the more basic settings to improve FPS:

Turn off anti-aliasing: Turn off anti-aliasing in the game to increase 3 to 8FPS.

Close Shadow: Closing Shadows will lose some details of the game, but in the heat of the battle few people may notice that much.

Set maximum refresh rate to 40: This can help stabilize the game screen and frame rate.

Turn off the second monitor: If you have a second monitor, turn it off when the game is in use. This will greatly reduce the burden on the GPU.

In addition to the above mentioned above, the player can also reduce the screen settings and resolution to achieve the goal of increasing FPS, if the effect can not make the player satisfied, then see the next advanced settings.

The Diablo 3 game uses three linear filters, but we can't set it directly in the game. To close it, we need the following steps:

1. Exit game to OS X desktop, press command+shift+g, enter ~/library/application Support/blizzard/diablo iii/;

2. Locate the "D3Prefs.txt" file and open it by Notepad;

3. Press Command+f to search "disabletrilinearfiltering" and change the value from "0" to "1".

4. Save and exit.

After completing the above steps, the game should have 10-25 fps upgrade, while the game screen will not fall to intolerable level.

This is the "Diablo 3" in the Mac system optimization method, there is a need or interested users, can be optimized on their own computers.

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