MAC OSX Xcode HDD cleanup

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1. Removal of support for legacy devices
Impact: Can be regenerated and re-generated automatically when the old device is debugged. I removed 4.3.2, 5.0, 5.1 and other versions of the device support.
Path: ~/library/developer/xcode/ios devicesupport

2. Removing the old version of emulator support
Impact: Unrecoverable; If you need an older version of the emulator, you need to download it again. I removed 4.3.2, 5.0, 5.1 and other old versions of the simulator.
Path: ~/library/application support/iphone Simulator

New Xcode path: ~/library/developer/coresimulator/devices

3. Removing temporary files from the emulator
Impact: Can be regenerated, if a newer version of the emulator needs to be preserved, but the TMP folder is large. Be assured to delete it, the contents of the TMP folder is not important. In iOS device, the TMP folder may be emptied when there is not enough storage space.
Path: ~/library/application support/iphone simulator/6.1/tmp (take iOS Simulator 6.1 as an example)

4. Remove the apps installed in the simulator
Impact: Not recoverable, the apps installed in the corresponding simulator are emptied and deleted if not needed.
Path: ~/library/application support/iphone simulator/6.1/applications (take iOS Simulator 6.1 as an example)

5. Removal of archives
Impact: Not recoverable, adhoc or App Store version will be deleted. Recommended Backup dSYM Folder
Path: ~/library/developer/xcode/archives
6. Removal of Deriveddata
Impact: can be regenerated; The build's project index, build output, and log are deleted. When you reopen the project, it will regenerate and the large project will take some time.
Path: ~/library/developer/xcode/deriveddata

7. Removal of old docsets
Impact: Unrecoverable; the old docsets document will be deleted
Path: ~/library/developer/shared/documentation/docsets

MAC OSX Xcode HDD cleanup

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