Mac Pro installs Sublime Text 3, personalization, themes and plugins collection

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1, to the official website to download the installation package


2. A registration code is attached

Sublime Text 3 3126

-–begin license-–
Alexey Plutalov
Single User License
3DC19CC1 134cdf23 504dc871 2de5ce55
585dc8a6 253bb0d9 637C87A2 D8d0ba85
AAE574AD ba7d6da9 2b9773f2 324c5def
17830a4e fbcf9d1d 182406E9 f883ea87
E585BBA1 2538c270 e2e857c2 194283CA
7234ff9e d0392f93 1d16e021 F1914917
63909E12 203c0169 3f08ffc8 86d06ea8
73DDAEF0 AC559F30 a6a67947 b60104c6
--end license--

3. Theme

Soda Theme, installation method:

In addition, the author provides a set of Color Scheme, namely Syntax highlighting colour schemes,

4. Personalized Settings

1) Fix Sublime text always open file in new window, add parameter in Preferences-settings–> User

"Open_files_in_new_window": false

2) Auto Save, add parameter in Preferences---settings–> User

"Save_on_focus_lost": True, "Atomic_save": true,

3) Save the line at the end of the space, in Preferences, settings–> User to add parameters

"Trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": True

4) Display spaces, tab characters

"Draw_white_space": "All"

User settings backup is as follows:

{"Color_scheme": "Packages/user/espresso soda.tmtheme", "Soda_classic_tabs": True, "theme": "Soda light 3. Sublime-theme "," Font_face ":" Yahei consolas Hybrid ",    " font_size ": +,    " Open_files_in_new_window ": false,    "Save_on_focus_lost": True,    "Atomic_save": True,    "Trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": True,    " Draw_white_space ":" All "}

5) How do I hide the preview bar on the right?

View-and Hide MiniMap

Mac Pro installs Sublime Text 3, personalization, themes and plugins collection

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