MAC Quick Build (unexpected and useful), continuous

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Frankly speaking, Mac's mouse free feel does not do well, many places still have the helplessness that can not get rid of, OK, buy the clear


  Switch buttons in the dialog box, such as confirm, cancel, need extra set (Big Apple really non-mainstream)


Cmd+shift+[and cmd+shift+], in the Multi-tab window to move around, maybe Windows also have, but I hen ah.

Cmd+shift+y, generate notes with selected files

Cmd+shift+4 (save file) \cmd+ctrl+shift+4 (clipboard)

· Drag, Area screenshot

· Space, and then move the camera pointer to the window, menu, and so on, you can take the area screenshot


Cmd+option+n, create a Smart folder, that is, a shortcut to a file search (the Finder sidebar "All my Files" seems to be), think it is very powerful, recommended.

Cmd+[and cmd+], move back and forth in the order stack of open folders, and feel it.

Cmd+shift+g, jump to the Make folder

Cmd+i, showing the details of the selected file

Cmd+d, clone a file

Cmd+l, generate an alias, modify any one of the effects two files

After searching, cmd+r, the folder where the files appear in the new window

It's not early.

MAC Quick Build (unexpected and useful), continuous

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