Mac system Madagascar install OpenMP feature (resolved)

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Since an update after the OpenMP can not be used, until recently in the discussion group to help high-skilled to solve, broke the finger probably two years, it is the severity of my terrible procrastination can be seen in the show, nonsense not to say, offer a three-step approach to cattle people.


$./configure--PREFIX=~/RSF Api=c++,fortran,python cpppath=/usr/local/include libpath=/usr/local/lib CC=gcc-4.9 PPMPATH=/USR/LOCAL/INCLUDE/NETPBM cflags= "-o2-flax-vector-conversions '-d__has_extension (x) =0 '-D__VFORCE_H ' CXX= ' g++-4.9 ' cxxflags= '-o2-flax-vector-conversions '-d__has_extension (x) =0 '-d__vforce_h '

(ii) $ sudo vim/applications/ /usr/include/dispatch/object.hcommented out this line:/*typedef void (^dispatch_block_t) (void); */And then I added this b Elow it:typedef void* dispatch_block_t; (c) Modified the following files in/usr/local/cellar/open-mpi/1.8.4/share/ Openmpi:mpic++-wrapper-data.txtmpicc-wrapper-data.txtmpicxx-wrapper-data.txtmake sure that compiler= points Directly to gcc-5/g++-5, not just gcc. Well done! Thank Daniel Vladimir bashkardin!

Mac system Madagascar install OpenMP feature (resolved)

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