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For users who are accustomed to a laptop Windows operating system, with the Mac Touch Board is relatively easy to use, but the Mac's touch board function is more powerful, so that the mouse can not be needed, in order to more easily let everyone use Macs, the following is the Mac touch-control Board of the gesture Daquan.

  Part I: General General gestures

Show Desktop (that is, make all Windows Perton): four fingers apart;

Activate Missing control (Task controls): four finger push;

Toggle Desktop or Full-screen application: Four refers to sliding around;

Displays all windows for the current application: four refers to the slide;

Magnify all windows of a single application in Missing control: pointer to application, then double pointing up and sliding;

Open Launchpad: four fingers kneading;

Drag the window: Drag the pointer to the top of the window, and then three fingers drag;

Left function: Use a finger to click;

Right key function: Use two fingers to click;

Rolling screen: double finger drag;

Gestures in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers

Enlarge page Content or text: double finger Open;

Narrow Web page content or text: double finger kneading;

Back (Previous page): Double finger left-sliding;

Forward (the next page): Double finger left-sliding;

Dictionary: In words or words three fingers double click (Safari only);

Smart scaling: Double-click on the Web page (Safari only);

Quick Preview refers to the preview window produced by pressing the SPACEBAR after selecting an icon.

Enter Full-screen mode: double finger open;

Exit Full-screen mode: double finger kneading;

Fast forward/rewind video: Double finger sliding (QuickTime Player only);

  Part Two: Gestures in the preview application

Rotate the image-double fingers make a rotating gesture (like a microwave oven/vintage Black-and-white TV);

Enlarged Image: double finger open;

Shrink Image: double finger kneading;

  Part III: Other gestures

In ICal can be leafed: double finger sliding;

Refresh Twitter Timeline: Double pointing down pull.

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