Mac User Grab package software Charles 4.0 hack and crawl HTTPS link settings

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I believe that everyone has been window users, as the front-end can not be a clutch tool, grasping the package tool can be very convenient to help us analyze the interface return message data, quickly locate the problem.

Fiddler, who once swept the window user, is our love, however, as a front-end developer is still accustomed to the development of large Mac, this blog will show you how Mac computers install the Capture tool, and how to set up HTTPS connection crawl.

First, download the version of Charles 4.0 software.

Link: Password: u5r2

When the download is complete, double-click the installation until the installation is successful, such as:

Second, crack Charles4.0 software

Most Chinese users like to hack version, because do not crack, will not be able to use long-term, unless we are willing to spend money, then ~~~~~~

1. Before you crack, please download the cracked jar package:

Link: Password: u5r2

2. Click Finder, locate the Application menu on the left, and find the installed capture software on the right, such as:

3. To the Charles software, the right mouse button display package content, such as:

4. After opening, you will see the contents folder, such as:

5. Continue to open the Contents folder with the following:

6. Continue to open the Java directory, which contains a lot of jar package, the downloaded jar package will be copied into the overlay, and then close the software, re-open (if the software itself is not open, then directly open it).

To this grasping tool Charles has cracked the success, we remember the version, different version, the way to crack, I use is 4.0 version, we download is also 4.0 version, we must be the seat.

Third, we start to crawl HTTP requests, including the PC crawl and mobile phone capture, respectively

The developer tool of the 1.Chrome browser itself is very useful, open Developer mode, click on the network to crawl.

2. Mobile-side configuration agent, grab the phone-side access to the HTTP request.

A. View current computer IP

Mac User Grab package software Charles 4.0 hack and crawl HTTPS link settings

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