MAC Vim Installation Gruvbox theme

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Gruvbox is an excellent vim color scheme, but it is not a color scheme that comes with Vim, which records the installation process.

Gruvbox Official website:

Gruvbox Installation Instructions:

The VIM plug-in management tool has vim-plug and vundle and so on, both of which can be used arbitrarily.

1. Install with Vim-plug

Official website:

Install Vim-plug First, install the command:

# Vim (~/.vim/-flo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim--create-dirs https://

Then add the following configuration in the ~/.VIMRC

call plug#begin()
Plug ‘morhetz/gruvbox‘ call plug#end()
colorscheme gruvbox
set background=dark

Then execute in vim: Pluginstall install Gruvbox.

Execution after installation: source% is in effect. VIMRC configuration file

2. Install with Vundle

Vundle Official website:

Install Vundle First, install the command:

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle.vim

Then configure ~/.VIMRC

set nocompatible "be iMproved, required
filetype off "required

set rtp + = ~ / .vim / bundle / Vundle.vim
call vundle # begin ()

Plugin ‘VundleVim / Vundle.vim’

call vundle # end () "required
filetype plugin indent on "required

Plugin ‘morhetz / gruvbox’

set bg = dark "Set the background to black
colorscheme gruvbox "Set theme to gruvbox
set guioptions = "Remove scrollbar on both sides
set guifont = Monaco: h17 "Set font and word size

Save configuration: W and execute: Plugininstall install Gruvbox, after installation is complete: source% effective. VIMRC configuration file.

MAC Vim Installation Gruvbox theme

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