Machine Equipment (DFS)

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Machine Equipment Time limit: ms | Memory limit:65535 KB Difficulty:2

Alpha Company designed an energy-efficient machine. Its internal structure is made up of N gears. The entire machine has a drive gear, and when it is started, it immediately rotates clockwise at 10,000 laps/hour, and then it drives the opposite direction of the gear that it is tangent to, that is, counterclockwise rotation. The gears interact with each other, each of which can drive multiple gears and ultimately drive a working gear to complete the task. In this set of devices, the center coordinate and the gear radius of each gear are recorded. The known drive gear is located (0,0) and the final working gear is located (Xt, Yt). Alpha wants to know the speed of all gears in the transmission sequence. The so-called transmission sequence, that is, the energy from the drive gear transmission, the last to reach the work of the gear used in the process of all gears. The energy transfer process is driven by a gear with a radius of R and a rotation speed of S/h, and its tangent radius of R ' is-s*r/r ' rpm. The minus sign means that it rotates in the opposite direction.

It is known that in addition to the drive gears, all gears may be driven by another gear, and No 2 different gears will be present to drive the same gear. Your task is to calculate the sum of the energy of all gears in the entire transmission sequence. That is, the sum of the absolute values of all gear speeds.

first line: T means the following have T Group test data (1≤T≤8) for each group of test data: line 1th: N Xt Yt (2≤n≤1100) Next has n lines, Xi Yi Ri represents the coordinates and radius of n gears i=1,2,...., N (-500 0≤xi, yi≤5000 3≤ri≤1000) coordinates and the radius is an integer
each set of test data, the output is one line, that is, the absolute value of all gear speed is within the double range, the output integer part
Sample input
14 32 540 30 200 0 1032 54 20-40 30 20
Sample output
Problem: Water problems, the game on the team to write this question, WA to the end, I did not see, down a bit on the
#include <iostream>#include<cstdio>#include<cstring>#include<cmath>#include<algorithm>#include<stack>using namespacestd;structpoint{intx, y; intR;} dt[ -];BOOLJS (Point A, point B) {DoubleL = (a.x-b.x) * (a.x-b.x) + (A.Y-B.Y) * (A.Y-b.y); if(Fabs (sqrt (1.0*L)-(A.R + B.R)) <0.000000001)return true; Else return false;}intmp[ -][ -];intvis[ -];Doubleans;intstart, end;voidDfsintUDoubleEngDoubletot) {Vis[u]=1; if(U = =end) {ans=tot; return; }     for(inti =0; I < -; i++){        if(Mp[u][i] &&!Vis[i]) {DFS (I, Eng*DT[U].R/DT[I].R, tot + eng*dt[u].r/DT[I].R); }    }}intMain () {intT; scanf ("%d", &T); intN;    Point e;  while(t--) {scanf ("%d%d%d", &n, &e.x, &e.y); Memset (MP,0,sizeof(MP));  for(inti =0; i < N; i++) {scanf ("%d%d%d", &dt[i].x, &AMP;DT[I].Y, &DT[I].R); if(dt[i].x = = e.x && Dt[i].y = =e.y) End=i; if(dt[i].x = =0&& Dt[i].y = =0) Start=i; }         for(inti =0; i < N; i++){             for(intj = i +1; J < N; J + +){                if(JS (Dt[i], dt[j])) {//printf ("%d%d\n", I, j);MP[I][J] = Mp[j][i] =1; }}} ans=0; memset (Vis,0,sizeof(VIS)); DFS (Start,10000,10000); printf ("%d\n", (int) ans); }    return 0;}

Machine Equipment (DFS)

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