Machine learning && Bayesian theorem, naive Bayesian implementation, Bayesian Network and other knowledge blog finishing

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What is history, history is us, not you, not him, not her, is all people.

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This article is a summary of Bo Master's reading about Bayes and its related knowledge.

first, the mathematical beauty of the article: the ordinary and magical Bayesian method theory and practice of machine learning (III.) naive Bayesian three, from the Bayesian approach to the Bayesian network Four, the beauty of mathematics----Bayesian Network (2) Five, Bayesian network learningvi. Stanford probability map model (probabilistic graphical model)-First Bayesian network Foundation Seven, Hidden Markov model and dynamic Bayesian networkEight, the Bayesian network on-line construction process detailed Nine, Bayesian network parameters study notes
The above article has been skimming all over the Bayesian network has a good summary and personal opinion of the blog, recommended to everyone. The next step is to read through the strength of self-understanding. PS: Have a good blog or article I hope you introduce to me Oh

Machine learning && Bayesian theorem, naive Bayesian implementations, Bayesian networks and other knowledge blog finishing

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