Machine learning Practice __ Install Python Environment

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Environment:Win7 64-bit system

First step: install Python

1, download python2.7.3 64-bit MSI version (here Select a lot of 2.7 of the other higher version resulting in the installation of Setuptools failure, do not know what the reason, for the time being, anyway, choose this version can be)

2, install Python, all next point down.

3, configure the environment variables, I am the default to add C:\Python path can be

Step Two: install Setuptools and Pip (you can easily install the third-party packages and modules inside Python)

  1, get two files, respectively and

2. Place the two files under C: \ and the command line to execute the Python and Python in the directory below, you can find the download related installation package, and install the final prompt successful

3. Some. exe files will be generated under C:\Python\Scripts.



Step three: Install the NumPy module

1, as long as a command pip install NumPy, wait for the automatic download installation success

2. Test whether the NumPy is installed successfully:

Entering the Python environment, importing the NumPy module without error, indicating that the module was successfully installed



Machine learning Practice __ Install Python Environment

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