MacOS Docker Installation

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Installing with Homebrew

MacOS we can use Homebrew to install Docker.

Homebrew's Cask already supports Docker for MAC, so it's easy to install with Homebrew Cask:

$ Brew Cask Install Docker==> Creating CaskroomAt/Usr/Local/Caskroom==> We' ll set permissions properly so we won 't need sudoInchThe futurePassword: # Enter MacOS password==> SatisfyingDependencies==> 100%==> verifyingfor cask Docker ==> installing cask  Docker==> moving Span class= "Typ" >app  ' '  to / Applications/ ' .🍺 Docker was successfully Installed!               

After loading the Docker app, click Next and you may be asked for your MacOS login password, which you can enter. A Docker running cue window pops up, and there's a small whale icon () on the status bar.

Manually download the installation

If you need to download manually, please click on the link below to download the Stable or Edge version of Docker for Mac.

Like other MacOS software, the installation is very simple, double-click the downloaded. dmg file, and then drag the whale icon to the application folder.

Find the Docker icon from the app and click Run. You may be asked for your MacOS login password and you can enter it.

Clicking on the whale icon at the top of the status bar will bring up the Action menu.

The first time you click on the icon, you may see this installation successful interface, click "Got It!" can close this window.

After you start the terminal, you can check the installed Docker version by command.

--versionDocker17.09.  1-ce,19e2cf6        
Mirroring acceleration

In view of the domestic network problems, the subsequent pull Docker image is very slow, we can need to configure the accelerator to solve, I am using NetEase's Mirror address:

On the taskbar, click the Docker for Mac app icon, perferences-Daemon, Registry mirrors. Fill in the accelerator address in the list. After the modification is complete, click the Apply & Restart button and Docker will restart and apply the configured mirror address.

After that we can see if the configuration was successful through Docker info.

$ docker Info... Registrymirrors: http://hub-mirror.c.163.comLiveRestoreEnabled: false           

MacOS Docker Installation

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