MacOS high Sierra causes VirtualBox Vagrant to sync slowly

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Recently upgraded your Mac's operating system to the latest version found a problem, files that are modified by shared folders cannot be synced to the virtual machine immediately, it takes about 30 seconds to sync to the shared folder.

The operating environment is as follows
    • Virtual machine: Virtualbox

    • Virtual machine operating system: Ubuntu16.04

    • Virtual Machine management tools: Vagrant

    • Physical machine: Mac High Sierra 10.13.4



After modifying a file

It can be found that after the modification through the terminal to view the file discovery directly prompt error and the permissions of the file is not changed to become? (for example)


Every time you modify a file to wait a while to see the effect, very urgent people, not our internet people's pursuit of efficiency practices. Then we'll find a way to solve it. I know it must be the upgrade system caused, but do not know how to solve, googole for a long time, finally found a solution


Set vagrant dir-sync: mount_options = [' actimeo=2 ']. The modifications are completed as follows

Config.vm.synced_folder "/users/vincent/code/", "/home/www",: NFS = True,: mount_options = [' actimeo=2 ']
Why is there such a problem?

This involves some remote knowledge, I do not particularly understand. But the general reason I know, because Mac upgraded to high Sierra after the use of APFS (Apple file system). This can cause synchronization problems.

Then why add actimeo=2 can solve this problem. Specifically, this involves some of the Linux mount knowledge, the personal understanding is not too much, the general meaning is to speed up the Mount directory before the synchronization time. Individual estimates have some performance cost to the system. We'll have the energy later. The meaning of Linux mount command parameter Actimeo in-depth study

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Original address: MacOS high Sierra caused VirtualBox Vagrant synchronization slow
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MacOS high Sierra causes VirtualBox Vagrant to sync slowly

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