"Mactalk Life meta-programming"

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"Mactalk Life meta-programming"

Three days to read the Chi Jianqiang of this book, to see the last page, and then scroll down when it is blank, inevitably feel some meaning. I wrote a mind map with paper and pen that I thought was the more interesting place in the book:

I also have a MacBook Pro, but it's not going to work, and reading this book adds a lot of knowledge about Macs. I also have some knowledge of creating a public platform and a personal station, and have these ideas before, this time I want to do it more.

Wang Xiaobo said: "Every book should be interesting, for some books, interesting is the reason for its existence, for other books, interesting is the standard it should meet." I think this book has reached this standard!!!

  PostScript: Many of the techniques and knowledge in the book need to be chewed again and again, hoping to learn from them.

"Mactalk Life meta-programming"

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