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On the last day of June September, I took the last chance to go to the lady's wax museum in Shanghai. I have never worked here for so long.

When someone asks me, "Where have you been in Shanghai for so long ?"

I would not have to answer: "zhubao road and its surrounding areas ." ......

Breakthrough !!!

In general, the quality of the wax image inside is good. Although some portraits must be carefully and carefully, they must also be "Oh ~~" from a special perspective ~~" Who is it. However, for the first time I saw a wax image, I was very satisfied and surprised. The most valuable thing is that I saw the "Hua Zi" that I dreamed of and gave it a chance to get started.

I personally think the most worth mentioning in the wax museum is not the wax images of various stars, but the wax images of the passers-by opposite to Cecilia Cheung. Almost all the people who went there for the first time were blinded by her. I am so ashamed that I have been waiting for N long beside her and almost want to urge her ......

The most interesting thing is the empty booth. it's really interesting to stand on it and scare people. I 've been messing around for a long time. When someone comes in and asks who this is, I say, "It's me !", Some even come up to take a photo with me ......

Of course, even so, I personally do not like to take photos, not just learn to take photos of me ......

Below are almost all my photos, and we took a total of 234 photos in this trip ......

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