"Mage Job" Linux OPS practice case-December 20, 2015-December 31 (first time)

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1 , create a 10G file system, type EXT4, require the boot can be automatically mounted to a separate data/data directory;

#选择文件系统分区所处的磁盘 # Check if there is enough space on the disk to create a 10G file system partition Fdisk-l;

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#格式化并获取UUIDmkfs. ext4/dev/sdb1blkid/dev/sdb1

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#创建挂载目录/data# write/etc/fstab for boot auto mount Mkdir/dataecho "Uuid=010146af-4e90-4be0-81c1-e60445225804/data ext4 defaults 0 0" & Gt;>/etc/fstabmount-amount

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2 , display the ' netstat-tan ' command result with ' LISTEN ' followed by 0, one or more whitespace characters end of the line;

Netstat-tan Netstat-tan | Grep-e "\<listen\>[[:space:]]*$"

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3 , add user Nginx, Zabbix, Tomcat, and Hadoop users (the Nologin user's shell is/sbin/nologin), and then find the row in the/etc/passwd file that has the same user name as its shell name ;

Useradd nginx;useradd zabbix;useradd tomcat;useradd hadoop;useradd nologin-s/sbin/nologin;cat/etc/passwd | grep "^\ ([[: alnum:]]\+\>\). *\1$"

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4 , find a word in the/etc/rc.d/init.d/functions file (the middle of the word can be underlined) followed by a set of parentheses line;

cat/etc/rc.d/init.d/functions | Egrep "\<[[:alpha:]]+_[[:alpha:]]+\>\ (\)"

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5 , use echo to output a path, and then egrep find its path base name, and further use Egrep to remove its directory name (note that the directory name, not the directory path);

echo "/abc/def/ghi/jkl/" | Egrep-o "[^/]+/?$" | Cut-d "/"-f1

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6 , look for all files that do not belong to root, bin, or Hadoop in the/usr directory;

FIND/USR-! \ (-user root-o-user bin-o-user hadoop \)-ls

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7 , one day the system was invaded, hackers in your system to leave the Trojan file:

You now need to find all the files on the current system that are not owned by the master or group and have been visited in the last week;

In addition, it is necessary to find all files of more than 20k and type ordinary files in/etc directory;

find/-nouser-o-nogroup-atime-7find/etc-type f-size +20k

8 , Create directory/test/data, let the normal user in a group have write permission to it, and all the files created belong to the group that the directory belongs to, in addition, each user can only delete their own files.

[Email protected]~]# mkdir-p/test/data[[email protected]~]# groupadd testgroup[[email protected]~]# chown:testgroup/ Test/data/[[email protected]~]# chmod g+w/test/data/[[email protected]~]# chmod g+s/test/data/[[email protected]~]# chmod o+t/test/data/[[email protected]~]# ll-d/test/data/

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s4.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/78/DC/wKiom1aEBcXhC3XSAAA0QUkgAXc107.png "title=" 10.png "Style=" Float:none; "alt=" Wkiom1aebcxhc3xsaaa0qukgaxc107.png "/>

"Mage Job" Linux OPS practice case-December 20, 2015-December 31 (first time)

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