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Magento Order number Length (modified) Set March 15, 2013 Friday Asia/shanghai 10:22 A.M. 02 seconds

1-Enter the database of the site to be modified;
2-Find table name: Eav_entity_type
3-Input on SQL: Update ' eav_entity_type ' set ' increment_pad_length ' =6 where ' entity_type_code ' = ' order ';
(ps:magento default length is 8 bits, you can modify the number of bits you want, such as change to 6 bit, red part)

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0 Comments | Posted Inmagento daily use by Isabelmagento Service temporarily unavailable error resolution February 28, 2013 Thursday Asia/shanghai 10:04 A.M. 08 seconds

When the plug-in upgrade error or installation fails, a service temporarily unavailable error occurs, so that the site foreground background can not be displayed.

In the case where the operation is complete, this error can still occur in the following ways:

1. Delete the Maintenance.flag under the root directory of the site, if not refreshed, it should appear;

2. Delete the contents of the Web site Var/cache folder, if you delete the cache folder, you may get cache_dir-writable errors, create the folder manually, and chmod 777

3. The website can now be displayed properly, if the plug-in installation error, it is best to remove the plug-in reinstall.

0 Comments | Posted Inmagento daily use by Lei Shengmagento Open registered account, email verification function December 13, 2012 Thu Asia/shanghai 11:48 A.M. 15 sec

Magento Default Account Registration method is: Automatic success after registration, and landing.

However, some customers need to register after the mailbox verification, and then to register.

The specific method is as follows:

1. Go to the background syatem-->configuration and go to the configuration page.

2. Click Customer Configuration,

3. After refreshing

Create New Account Options
--->require Emails confirmation set to Yes

4. Save and refresh the cache.

5. Enter the mailbox test. Whether the function flow is smooth.

0 Comments | Posted Inmagento daily use by Terry Watermagento-newsletter December 6, 2012 Thu Asia/shanghai 3:35 P.M. 12 sec

Magento comes with newsletter function, but very few people use, the following details about the usage:

1. The front desk subscribes to the mail as a test.

2. Backstage Newsletter-->newsletter Template

Create a new template, Sender email * Fill in the correct mailbox, save.

3. Locate the newly created mail template, and in the Action column there is a query newsletter, click

4 fill in, save.

5.system-->configuration newsletter inside to fill in the email address, to fill in the correct

6. Visit cron.php

7. The test is successful. Ok!

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