Magento580 Station Group System Platform

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Magento580 is a professional magento group management platform. Its functions are listed as follows:

  • The database-based session mechanism and apikey encrypted transmission verification ensure the high security and stability of the platform.
  • 2Ajax synchronizes remote cross-origin loading of N magento information, encrypts key verification, and returns detailed results reports in a user-friendly manner,
  • 3Multiple filtering conditions make it easy to set the range of objects to be operated.
  • 4Multiple operation methods, batch processing of various settings to meet popular needs
  • 5Batch operation classification and common product attributes to quickly modify and set website data
  • 6You can quickly set website background configuration data, email addresses, templates, and other settings with one click.
  • 7Batch import product comments to increase website credibility and differentiate between pages,
  • 8Batch load order information of N magento websites, quick export of pictures containing Word, Excel files, detailed report statistics order information
  • 9Batch loading of customer data, provides export of Word and Excel files, and customer regional and return rate statistics.

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