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Windows XP search, in the tree view, just like their childhood in the alley ride "tricycle", even if it is to find a small file, it also takes a lot of time to "watch the magnifying glass over and over again". This, with the automatic scheduling of Windows 7 search, the search speed becomes swift, the function becomes numerous. The exact same search box, put it in a different position, with a different search range. This makes the users who are just getting used to it, and some even think that Windows 7 search is not good.

To this end, the tree spent two packs of instant noodles time specially study, found the Start menu in the Search box and folder search box, incredibly different.

The same search box looks like, but the search box in the Start menu is not about searching the entire hard drive, but searching for it: Windows folders, program file folders, folders pointed to by Path environment variables, libraries, run history search files, and even accept " Control Panel command, acting as a dialog box! So, the search here should be "not global", not "almighty search" Yo!

Like IE8.0, the Windows 7 folder's menu bar also has a small search box on the right, which differs from the search box in the Start menu (although it looks the same, but the search scope is inconsistent), the search scope is global, it can search Windows documents, pictures, application procedures, Windows Help and even information such as networking. In order to take care of impatient friends, but also in order to help people quickly find their own files, Windows7 search is still dynamic, that is, when we enter the beginning of the first word of the moment, the search has begun.

Like to explore friends, you can continue to dig up the secret of Windows7 search, have found, to remember to send trees yo! Maybe, you can also go to the newspaper!

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