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PowerPoint 2003 can burn presentations, players, and related profiles directly to a disc, making it easy to carry and use as a disc with automatic playback. This article lets us experience the implementation process together.

Because of different computer software configuration, in order to achieve the smooth playback of offsite presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint from the 97 version of the built-in presentation packaging features. This feature has been improved and enhanced in PowerPoint 2003 by burning the presentation, player, and related profiles directly onto the disc, making it a compact disc with automatic playback, easy to carry and use. Let's go through the implementation process together:

Start PowerPoint 2003 First and open the PPT file you want to pack and burn. Click the menu command "file → package for CD", and then pop the "Package for CD" dialog box. If you have more than one presentation, you can add it by clicking the Add File button.

Tip: In general, the default playback order for a presentation is in the order in which you add the document, and you can adjust the playback order by first selecting a presentation and then clicking the up or down arrow until you adjust it to the appropriate location.

At this point, if there are no other special settings, you can put an empty burn disk in your burner, and then click Copy to CD to burn the CD.

The bug network reminds you that only the Windows XP/2003 operating system has built-in burn capabilities that can support burning a presentation directly to a CD in PowerPoint 2003, and other versions of the operating system can only pack the presentation and use Nero and other burning software for CD burning.

If you are not satisfied with the system default settings, you can also press the "Options" button to enter the options interface, where you can make some personalization settings:

1. There are four options for how the presentation is played, which is to automatically play all the presentations in the specified order, create a CD that is played in the specified order, and three other personalization settings such as "play only the first presentation automatically", "Let the user automatically select the document to browse", "Do not play the CD automatically."

2. If you use a more "alternative" font in your PPT document, you must check the "Embedded TrueType fonts" entry to ensure smooth use on different computers.

3. In order to ensure the security of the PPT presentation, you can set the password to open or modify the document separately in the "Help protect PowerPoint File", and enter the password two times after the prompt to determine. You can guarantee your password oh, otherwise the hard work in the front is in vain.

When all the related settings are complete, the last job is, of course, to click "Copy to CD" as described earlier.

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