Magical scrolling animations, 30 parallax scrolling web Design

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With HTML5 and CSS3, we are able to create more interesting and eye-catching effects in the browser. Among them, parallax scrolling (Parallax scrolling) is one such effect. This technique creates an amazing 3D effect by scrolling down the page, controlling the movement of the background more slowly than the foreground movement speed.

The first parallax scrolling effect of the site was designed by Ian Coille in 2011 (called "Nike Better World", which has now been revised). Today, parallax scrolling has been massively used in a variety of ways, which is a great way to create a pleasant user experience.

In this comprehensive list, 30 examples of fantastic parallax scrolling sites are recommended.

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Rimmel London


Poppy spend







Flat vs Realism

Teapot Creation

NASA Prospect

Boy Coy

The Beast

Reasons Inforgraphic

Lost World ' s fairs

Puma Mobium

Living World


Lexus Asia

Jacksonville Artwork

These is things


Jan Ploch

Mario Kart Wii Experience

Moto Oakley

Timmy Tompkins App




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Magical scrolling animations, 30 parallax scrolling web Design

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