Magical Space key invoke win 7 boot manager

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To enter security mode for Windows XP systems, you must "press" the F8 key before the splash screen appears. In Windows Vista systems, the menu options are better than the traditional menus and are named Windows Manager. Also through the F8 key to enter, however, many users may not know, in fact, in the system startup, press the SPACEBAR can also quickly call the startup manager. As Vista's successor, Windows7 will also inherit the tradition of tapping the space bar when the BIOS is loaded and exhaling the Windows Startup Manager.

Of course, in Windows 7, when the user presses F8, the System Restore menu is displayed first. There will also be a F10 button for the user to open the startup parameter editor. However, the parameter manager is only temporary, and more options are set by entering "Msconfig" in the Startup item manager after the system has been entered.

This method can also be used on Windows Vista or the installation CD for Windows Server 2008. When you are prompted to press any key to start from CD/DVD, simply press the 2 and 3 spacebar, at which point the Windows System Startup Manager will reappear, and the Windows operating system installation option will appear in the list.

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