Mago linux basic O & M + intermediate + advanced video tutorial full set of video downloads (nearly 50G), linux50g

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Mago linux basic O & M + intermediate + advanced video tutorial full set of video downloads (nearly 50G), linux50g

Mago linux O & M beginner + intermediate + advanced video tutorial full set of video downloads (nearly 50 GB)
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18_02_ssl protocol, openssl and creation of private CA
18_03_OpenSSH service and related applications
09_01 _ details on disk and file system management 3
10_05 _ Script Programming-8 script to complete disk partition formatting
20_01_DNS master-slave replication and region Transfer
04_04_grep and Regular Expression
01_03 _ Operating System Basics
08_02_bash advanced seven case statements and script options for Script Programming
14_03_bash Script Programming 11 (Linux Startup Process 3) SysV service script
01_02 _ face-to-face course opening
05_03_bash-condition judgment for the second part of Script Programming-
03_01_Linux file management commands
19_02_DNS service concepts
03_04_Linux users and permissions
05_04_bash Script Programming 3 condition judgment and arithmetic operations
09_02 _ details on disk and file system management
17_01_RHEL5.8 system installation and Kickstart
04_02 _ permission and permission management
19_01_DNS service concepts
11_04_Linux network configuration-4 ifconfig and ip commands
08_04 _ details on disk and file system management II
12_01_rpm, one of Linux software management
03_03_bash features
11_02_second IP packet for Linux Network Configuration
One of 05_02_bash Script Programming variables and variable types
16_01_bash Script Programming 14th signal capturing and system management task plan
One of 13_03_Linux Process Management
10_01_Raid and mdadm commands
15_02_bash Script Programming 13th (Linux system cut 3) system function library
12_02_Linux software management 2 rpm
01_04_Linux Operating System Basics
12_04_Linux software management 4 yum
08_01_facl and users and Linux Terminals
02_03_Linux root file system details
Six of the 16_04_Linux system reductions add ssh services to the System
16_02_5 of Linux system reduction
20_04_DHCP Service
08_03 _ details on disk and file system management
20_03_DNS view and Log System
04_01_Linux user management commands
17_02_Linux system troubleshooting
03_02_bash features
2014 Mago linux O & M beginner + intermediate + advanced video tutorial
07_02_bash Script Programming 6 use script options and combined condition testing
22_02 _ openssl-based https service configuration
21_01_Web service and http protocol
14_04_Linux kernel compilation and system reduction
15_01_bash Script Programming 12 (Linux system cut II) system function library
20_02_DNS subdomain authorization
06_01_bash script-based four-integer testing and special Variables
14_01_detailed description of the running level and grub
12_03_Linux software management 3 yum
19_03_Bind97 service installation Configuration
Explanation of 17_03_sudo
22_01_httpd VM
02_04_Linux file management commands
21_02_httpd installation Configuration
10_04_LVM 2
15_03_Linux kernel 4 customized kernel and busybox
04_03 _ management and IO redirection
11_01_one of Linux network configurations
18_01 _ encryption type and Related Algorithms
07_04 _ detailed explanation of special permissions such as SUID
07_03_Linux file search details
09_03 _ details on disk and file system management
02_02_Linux operating system and common commands
06_02_sed command
09_04_Linux compression and Archiving
16_03_Linux syslog
11_03_Linux network configuration 3 TCP Packets
21_03_httpd attribute Configuration
06_03_bash five-character string test and for Loop
10_02_Raid and mdadm command 2
Ten functions of Script Programming in 13_02_bash
01_01 _ face-to-face course opening
05_01_egrep and extended Regular Expression
02_01_Linux operating system and common commands
14_02_Linux kernel and init
13_04_Linux Process Management 2
07_01_vim editor details
13_01_bash Script Programming 9 while LOOP
55_02 _ enterprise monitoring series 6-advanced nagios application and plug-in development
41_03_21 of Linux cluster series -- iSCSI, cLVM, and gfs2
37_04_awk entry and advanced
45_01_http reverse proxy and haproxy
Basic concepts and installation of supplementary videos for 53_01_Hadoop
51_02_kvm Virtualization
43_02_IO reuse explanation and preliminary design of high concurrency System
56_02_RPM package preparation 2
48_01 _ computer and operating system principles
51_01_Xen implements real-time migration based on iscsi sharing
54_02 _ enterprise-level monitoring series 2-RRD-tools drawing Principle and Application
54_04 _ enterprise monitoring series 4-cacti configuration and advanced usage
49_02_Linux memory subsystem and common tuning parameters
10th of 38_04_Linux cluster series -- heartbeat installation and configuration for high-availability clusters
17th of 40_03_Linux cluster series -- RHCS Architecture
54_03 _ enterprise-level monitoring series 3-cacti principles and Installation
Basic concepts and installation of supplementary videos for 53_03_Hadoop
2014 Mago linux O & M beginner + intermediate + advanced video tutorial
55_01 _ enterprise-level monitoring series 5-basic and entry-level configuration of Nagios
46_02_Tomcat series-detailed explanation of java Technology
42_01_MySQL master-slave replication-concept and architecture
40_01_Linux Cluster Generation 15th-basic concepts and configurations of distributed replication block device drbd
23 of 41_05_Linux cluster series -- Detailed description of keepalived
50_01 _ basic principles of Virtualization Technology
Components and service installation configuration of the 46_03_Tomcat Series
45_02_http reverse proxy and haproxy
46_01_Tomcat series-detailed explanation of java Technology
19th of 41_01_Linux cluster series -- iSCSI protocol, architecture and installation Configuration
In the 47_01_Tomcat series, apache uses mod_jk and mod_proxy to reverse proxy tomcat.
45_03_http cache mechanism and varnish
56_01_RPM package preparation 1
Basic concepts of 53_05_SELinux
44_02_Nginx reverse proxy, Server Load balancer, cache, URL rewriting, and read/write splitting
Basic concepts and installation of supplementary videos for 53_02_Hadoop
42_04_MySQL master-slave replication -- mysql-proxy.0.8.3 for MySQL-5.6 read/write splitting
39_02_Linux Cluster Generation 12-high-availability cluster-based high-availability mysql with heartbeat and nfs
55_03 _ enterprise-level monitoring series 7-advanced nagios applications and Apsara alarm Functions
37_02_Linux cluster Series 5-script implementation LVS backend Service Health Check
43_03 _ how to configure Ngnix as a Web Server
48_03_CPU load observation and Optimization Method
Use of 47_02_Tomcat series apache Server Load balancer requests to tomcat and DeltaManager
40_02_Linux cluster series 16th-high-availability mysql based on drbd + corosync
42_03_MySQL master-slave replication -- MySQL-5.6-based Replication Based on GTID and Multithreading
42_02_MySQL master-slave replication-MySQL-5.5 asynchronous and semi-synchronous configuration and precautions
53_04_MySQL optimization ideas and framework
41_02_20 of Linux cluster series -- iSCSI and gfs2
50_02_Xen virtualization and DomU implementation
43_01_IO multiplexing
39_03_Linux cluster series 13th -- Basic Concepts and installation configuration of corosync for high-availability clusters
38_02_eight of Linux cluster series-shared storage
54_01 _ enterprise-level monitoring series-Principles and Practices of SNMP
39_01_11 of Linux cluster series -- heartbeat of high-availability cluster manages resources based on crm
48_02_Linux operating system principle
36_03_Linux cluster Series 3-LVS scheduling method and NAT model demonstration
14th of 39_04_Linux cluster series -- configure corosync resources and constraints for high-availability clusters
41_04_22 of Linux cluster series -- keepalived
2014 Mago linux O & M beginner + intermediate + advanced video tutorial
44_03_memcached installation and configuration and saving the php session in memcached
40_04_18 of Linux cluster series -- RHCS cluster configuration
36_02_Linux cluster Series II-LVS Type Details
49_01_Linux memory subsystem and common tuning parameters
36_01_Linux cluster series-basic cluster concepts
37_01_Linux cluster Series 4-lvs dr detailed description and configuration demonstration
38_01_7 of Linux cluster series -- high-availability cluster principles
9th of 38_03_Linux cluster series -- high-availability cluster principle details many node Clusters
37_03_Linux cluster Series 6-LVS persistent connection
31_03 _ configure to use the vnc service
25_02 _ compile and install the mail service series Postfix-2.10.0
25_01 _ basic principles of the mail service Series
30_02_tcp_wrapper & xinetd
32_04_mysql series 4 Use of mysql client tools
33_02_MySQL Series 6-MySQL management tables and Indexes
30_03_nss & pam
33_04_MySQL series-Multi-table queries, subqueries, and views
14th of 35_02_MySQL series -- MySQL backup and recovery
9th of the 34_01_MySQL series -- MySQL transaction and isolation level
27_02_ftp Service
11th of the 34_03_MySQL series -- MySQL user and permission management
29_04_samba 2
Array of 31_01_bash programming Series
Layer7 of 29_01_iptables Series
Basic applications and explicit extensions of the 28_02_iptables Series
Common Postfix configurations for the 25_04 _ mail service Series
2014 Mago linux O & M beginner + intermediate + advanced video tutorial
26_02 _ virtual domains, virtual users, and webmail of the mail service Series
One of 29_03_samba
Layer7 of 29_02_iptables Series
Basic Theories of relational databases, one of the 32_01_mysql Series
23_02 _ database and MySQL
Basic Principles of the 28_01_iptables Series
10 of the 34_02_MySQL series -- MySQL transaction and isolation level
30_01_tcp_wraper & xinetd
35_03_MySQL generation 15th-use LVM snapshot for Database Backup
23_04 _ build a LAMP Platform
28_04_iptables series nat and Its filtering functions
33_01_MySQL Series 5-MySQL Data Type and SQL model
30_04_nss & pam
26_01 _ Mail Service series-related concepts of postifx + sasl + dovecot and virtual domain
32_03_mysql Series 3 MySQL database basics and compilation and Installation
Twelve of the 34_04_MySQL series -- MySQL Log Management
Common Postifx configurations of the 25_03 _ mail service Series
27_03_nfs Service
Common expansion modules of the 28_03_iptables Series
24_04 _ compile and install LAMP: Configure httpd to integrate with php in FastCGI Mode
35_04_MySQL series 16th-use xtrabackup to back up the database
27_01_ftp Service
2014 Mago linux O & M beginner + intermediate + advanced video tutorial
31_02_bash Script Programming-options used in bash scripts
13th of 35_01_MySQL series -- MySQL Log Management
MySQL-5.5.28 for LAMP compilation and installation (general binary format)
24_03 _ compile and install LAMP php-5.4.13, xcache-2.0 and use AB command for stress testing
26_03 _ pop3s and maildrop in the mail service Series
23_03_MySQL preliminary, data type and SQL statement
23_01_php related concepts and configurations
Seven of the 33_03_MySQL series-single-table queries, multi-table queries, and subqueries
Httpd-2.4.4 for LAMP compilation and Installation
32_02_mysql Series II Basic Relational Database Theory

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