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Today, the free mailbox on the Internet has become one of the necessary tools for users. Each user has one or two favorite free mailboxes. At the same time as the product designer of the mailbox, they will also according to their own user's custom to give a different way of interaction.

This time our interactive squeak, is to discuss the free mailbox, different mailbox user different, the designer will take what method to handle the user experience and the product benefit demand balance.

What is a traditional mailbox? e-mail? Free email? What are the characteristics of e-mail?

The traditional mailbox refers to the postal organization set up in the road roadsides public places to receive the public mail receipt equipment, especially the public mailbox.

e-mail is through the network electronic Post Office for Network customers to provide the network of electronic information space. The toll latitude is divided into two categories: Free mailbox, pay mailbox.

Free e-mail is a kind of e-mail. Free.

The conceptual design of a mailbox: A tool that sends the specified information to a designated person at a specified time.

What are the characteristics of e-mail? Fast, secure, perfect, economic

▲ "The Girl of the Dragon Tattoo" in the e-mail to solve the case to provide a lot of convenience

▲ The user's demand of free mailbox

Two. What e-mail? Why do users use them?

Domestic use of a large number of free mailbox is 163 mailbox, 126 mailbox, QQ mailbox, Yahoo Mail, Sina Mail, gmail mailbox, yeah mailbox, and so on. The user chooses the free mailbox to consider five main factors: 1. Capacity and Annex 2. Security 3. Speed 4. Interface and function 5. History

1. Capacity and Accessories

User needs are not limited to sending text, pictures and office files will make their work more efficient, so the demand for capacity has been, but the internet early due to bandwidth and other factors, the mailbox allows the delivery space is very small. At this time, the mailbox capacity is large, the attachment is large, users will choose which. 163,126 is typical. QQ Mailbox also appeared a large attachment.

2. Safety

Will my email be seen, and will my information be stolen? These are the concerns of users. Under the circumstances, it is legally responsible to read the letter without the permission of the designated person. But the law on the line is clearly not so perfect. So users will be more like the use of big-name Internet company products.

3. Speed

When do I send the message when the other party will receive it? A minute and a second are valuable, the mailbox quickly use that mailbox.

4. Interface and function

With the increasing demand for personalized Internet users, the mailbox interface has become a factor in their choice. At the same time and mobile phone binding, the first time to receive mail, and so many personalized needs are constantly affecting the user's choice.

5. History

Users are unwilling to change their primary mailboxes frequently. Because there are a lot of their own mail history, and users do not like to spend time to learn another way of using the mailbox.

Three. The user experience design of the mailbox

We have chosen


163 mailbox

Sina Mail


QQ Mail

Bean Mail

These 6 kinds of mailboxes for everyone to dig their experience design


Overview: The most marked billing email, Office software, all the originator of the mailbox, all the free mail mail function is on its basis to do subtraction.

User: Company Employees

Features: Mail function is the most complete, powerful, safe, but cumbersome installation, interface complex, not convenient to learn

Design: For security reasons, the company will force employees to use the mailbox, all visual design is not very strong, design focus on the experience of functional use, as well as the purpose of class planning is easy to find.

▲ powerful features are not available in other free mailboxes

2.163 Mailbox

Overview: The most used in the domestic free mailbox, is the company's start products.

User: The age is big, the user is mostly over 30 years old, are early internet users. Has a very deep interactive habits of the mailbox, inconvenient to change

Features: The largest number of domestic use of free web site, capacity of the initial 2G, safe, fast,

Design: Interface experience is very simple, user habits have long been formed, inconvenient to change, for the effect of sliding display is not sensitive, all of the sliding is not directly displayed operation. On-page operations always appear. The default number 14th is very useful for older users.

▲ NetEase mailbox does not cross the display operation of the place, even if there is a downward arrow, also want to click on the content will be displayed, rather than the young people think of a across on the display.

3. Sina Mail

Overview: The domestic old use of a large number of free mailbox.

User: Early Internet users, older than 30 of the majority.

Characteristic: The interface information is many, but has the very good distinction.

Design: Consider the integration of business value and user experience, so that users will not be confused, can automatically tag. And Outlook maintains a consistent interface, list and message details on the same page.

▲ Three-screen effect is consistent with Outlook, with automatic labeling to facilitate user identification

4.QQ Mailbox

Summary: One of Tencent's most successful products recently has a large number of users because of his natural entrance advantages and the experience of being able to stay with the user.

Users: The vast majority of QQ users, users of the QQ mailbox when entertainment or recreation, the majority of young users.

Features: Surface features concise, other features increased, drifting bottles, micro-letter, greeting cards. So that users come to the mailbox is not to write mail, but play, write log, etc.

Design: A lot of QQ users, style can be achieved by skin replacement. Because this product has too many not the mail value, must design the mail function The proportion, completes the clear navigation.

▲ the existence of clear navigation, users in many products under the interference can be the first time to know what to do.

5.Gmail Mailbox

Overview: Google's own research and development of free mailbox, attracted a lot of grain powder, technology, it use

Users: White-collar and other office crowd, the mailbox especially attracted a lot of technical people, because they are more than Google fans

Features: interface features concise, interactive way more novel, there are many operations across the display, it is difficult to adapt. UI not easy to understand

↑ Does the pentagram know what it means? What about the label? ↓ exclamation point do you know what that means?

▲ Many batch operations will appear after the tick. Users do not know what to do without a tick.

6. Bean Mail

Summary: Bean Mail is a similar mail tool in watercress, which can send specific information to the specified person. This feature only.

Users: Watercress users, small minority, literary youth.

Features: Watercress users used to communicate with each other tools, style and watercress to maintain the same. Very few functions, not mass, forwarding, CC.

Design: The basic function of the mail can be realized, the page style is unified.

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Four. The future

With the unlimited end of the product use, the user to the unlimited end of the need to read the message is also increasing, someone said the mail once, some people say the mail is still a piece of blue sea. But for us, the design is endless.

As long as the user has a deep enough understanding and segmentation, product consistency, interface style control is enough.

End this article by quoting a sentence

"We do not lack the users in the user, through a good experience to retain users, is our focus." Word-of-mouth can be accumulated through excellent product experience. "--Ma Teng internal speech

The article has junk written, content by this interactive squeak member Lu Jun, Jin Jing, junk provides

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