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The introduction of CSS3 and HTML5 has also made the compatibility of various browsers a matter of concern to many designers, and this paper arranges the current mainstream browsers support for CSS3 and HTML5

There are more browsers supporting CSS3 and HTML5, even the latest version of IE, and of course, the so-called support is only partially supported because the CSS3 and HTML5 are not yet formed. If you want to use CSS3 and HTML5 to create your site now, at least have a full understanding of how each browser supports these two new technologies.

It should be noted that even with the same version of the same browser, their support for CSS3 and HTML5 is inconsistent in MAC and Windows two platforms. This is a list of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE 5 browsers, and detailed support for the various features of CSS3 and HTML5 on Mac and Windows two platforms.

CSS3 Property

As you can see, browsers that support CSS3 properties are chrome and Safari, and are fully supported on both the MAC platform and the Windows platform.

CSS3 Selector

In addition to the IE family and Firefox 3, almost all other support. Chrome,safari,firefox 3.6,opera 10.5 of the best results.

HTML5 WEB Applications

Safari has the best support for HTML5 Web apps, with the exception of geo-location features.

HTML5 Web page Inline objects

This should be the HTML5 most anticipated thing, built-in canvas, video, audio and other objects. All supported are Chrome,safari,firefox 3.6,opera 10.5. The IE family was annihilated.

HTML5 Audio Coding

Opera 10.5 Support The most comprehensive, IE family is no harvest.

HTML5 Video Coding

H.264 heavy responsibilities.

HTML5 various Form objects

Chrome has the best performance under the Mac platform. These form objects are reminiscent of desktop programs.

HTML5 Form Object Properties and behavior

Once again I thought of the desktop program.


At present, the best support for CSS3 and HTML5 is safari,chrome second, Firefox 3.6 and Opera 10.5 are equal, ie family is the worst. Given this situation, if you want to use these two new technologies to create a pioneer experience site, now CSS3 and HTML5 can let you achieve, if you want this site to be the majority of people access to the normal, it is too early, the compromise is to not support CSS3 and HTML5 Some features of the browser to provide a downgrade scheme, of course, which involves a lot of problems, including browsers, versions, platform detection, CSS Hack and so on a lot of work, I believe it is worth the candle.

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