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Mainstream phpcms analysis and mainstream phpcms analysis. Mainstream phpcms analysis, mainstream phpcms analysis small websites are suitable for wordpress, onethink, joomla (la) wordpress (free open source) advantages: 1. rich styles and many templates. security 3. mainstream phpcms analysis and mainstream phpcms analysis

Small websites are suitable for wordpress, onethink, and joomla)
Wordpress (free open-source) advantages: 1. rich styles, more templates, 2. security 3. friendly to search engines, fast indexing.
Disadvantages: websites with no static access and large data access are not suitable. The plug-in structure is bloated.

Onethink (free open-source) advantages: 1. TP-based framework 3.2 2. beautiful background.
Disadvantages: 1. fewer functions, need to write by yourself. 2. fewer plug-ins
Joomla (free) is well-known in foreign countries and rarely used in China.

Large and medium-sized websites are suitable for phpcms, Zhimeng, and Empire
1. aesthetics (subject to the official default template:

V9 released by phpcms is undoubtedly the best. The interface is neat and elegant. Zhimeng has always been a green template, and it is quite regular. The Empire is undoubtedly the most ugly, and you must modify the default template to display data on the homepage. it cannot be automatically called like Zhimeng and phpsms,
This is difficult for many new users. You do not have to explain it too much.

II. running speed
The empire's operation generation speed should be the fastest. the reason for the architecture is that the speed of phpcms is not too slow. it is comparable to that of the empire. the dream weaving process is a little unsatisfactory, both background operations and homepage access speed are not ideal, and now the speed is 5.7
The access speed on the homepage is good, and the previous version is very slow. This is the persistent injury of the dream.

III. security

I am deeply impressed by the security of the empire. this cms is the most secure cms, and it is true that there are basically no security vulnerability updates in the Empire program. Basically, after a version is released, it will be updated next time until the new version is released.
The security of phpcms is also good, and no vulnerabilities have been detected. It seems that Zhimeng has more updates and security needs to be further improved. just like some foreign host providers, users are prohibited from using Zhimeng programs.

IV. Functions

Because it is a cms program, the three functions can meet everyone's needs.

5. practical experience

The empire still finds it easy to use the website construction tutorial. it is easy to modify templates, add content, and so on. The official help files are complete, and there is basically no unknown failure in program running. The use of Zhimeng is also very easy, and each function is clear at a glance,
It may be the cause of fast program updates, and this rarely happens to the program's own mess. The last step is the difficult phpcms. The official tutorials of this program are not perfect, and such problems are often encountered during use. of course, if you do not modify the program,
The use is satisfactory.

6. number of vulnerability bugs

Take sebug data as the standard. Zhimeng and phpcms have many vulnerabilities. each year there are several vulnerabilities, full of screens. the best one is the Empire, and there are only a few vulnerabilities in the past few years.

VII. official services and support

For free users, the services of the three companies are cool and cool, of which phpcms is the worst and few posts are responded. Therefore, you need to think more about phpcms. There are still many enthusiastic responses from the Forum of the Empire, and the official tutorials are also complete.
The support of Zhimeng should be the best, which is also the biggest reason for the use of Zhimeng programs.

8. program version update

The version update of Zhimeng is undoubtedly the fastest, and it is normal to update it two or three times a year. The empire's update speed is very slow. it is calculated on a yearly basis and sometimes not updated over a year. of course, this is based on the fact that the empire itself is quite complete,
No vulnerabilities, powerful functions, and frequent updates are not required. Phpcms updates are also normal and slow.

Small websites of idea are suitable for wordpress, onethink, and joomla wordpress (free and open source). Advantages: 1. rich styles and heavy templates. 2. security. 3. search introduction...

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