Maintain stronger resilience in the face of failures and dilemmas

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Once my words are very ugly, and is the kind of "the world who can know June" ugly.

Junior High School, the teacher nominated the class to write the most "wild" four people, and give them awards "four big cursive king." I regret losing the election, because the teacher felt that my words have been out of the category of text, Cangjie regeneration can not be judged, to achieve the true meaning of "craftsmanship."

Students often take this and I joke, the teacher also repeatedly advised me to change "write" return.

Of course, the most furious is my father, he always thought the word as a person, a person's handwriting can represent his spiritual temperament and life attitude. I think this is a nonsense, he just because he wrote a good word, so there is a "Lao Zi hero Son bear" resentment.

I, however, have never felt the slightest discomfort, much less ashamed, of my handwriting. Even thanks to my well-written writing, the composition has been taken by the teacher as an essay, so I will be in the heart a little complacent: the word is not good how, you still can not.

This state has been maintained until high school graduation.

Just went to college that meeting, I decided to participate in the school's literary society, into the social assessment is divided into the field written test and interview, the on-site test is in one hours to write a 500 words about the short book review. To complete the written test, and then according to the order submitted by the examination of the interview, my turn, I obviously found sitting in the middle of a learning elder sister took my exam face sad, sitting next to her two brothers are under pressure to smile.

At that time I also slightly embarrassed, fortunately they soon resumed the normal, after asking some small questions after the interview is over, just out of the door I suddenly think of the bag fell inside, back to the time a push open the door, I clearly heard the girl next to her seniors jokingly said: "His words than your art Oh!" ”

That moment, this sentence fell in my ear for the piercing, I pretended not to hear, go in and pick up the bag and go outside.

In the coming out of the moment, very feel the feeling of my back, forgive me at that time is a sensitive proud of the impulse boy, still keep the high school rogue bandits gas. In their gape, I took back the paper, and left a sentence: "I'm sorry, I'm not in." ”


Back on the road, I will the whole event in the mind replay, and finally came to a conclusion: just their behavior is not only naïve and no goods, lost face and lost lining.

And the source of my impulse is a sense of shame that I had never had before.

Just once oneself has been in the familiar environment, facing the classmate's joke, the teacher's ridicule, even the parents ' criticism, this kind of familiarity will the inner sense of shame carries on the infinite concealment and the weakening, but oneself also passable writing in and the scrawled handwriting contrast, This strong contrast has increased the satisfaction and vanity of my rebellious period, and let me immerse myself in a "shame-proud" circle of thinking for a long time.

And now, when he left the familiar environment, then lost the subconscious self-blinded fig leaf, face strangers to their own handwriting ridicule, hidden in the heart of the sense of shame immediately revealed.

Since that time, I began to consciously to practice the word, and bought a lot of copybook on the Internet. Whenever I want to lazy or feel unable to persist, will recall the scene of that day, an unspeakable sense of shame even a long time, still can poke in my sensitive nerves, urging me to continue to insist.

Until now, my handwriting in the crowd, although still not excellent, but also the good, at least in others there is no longer catch the frown expression.


Once I mentioned in an article, many people in the face of things are easy to go to two extremes, either arrogant, or underestimate. But in between them, there is also an equally deadly misconception, that is because of the long-term lack of proper sense of shame, so the formation of a Q-like spirit of blind optimism.

For example, you are in a circle of the bottom, but you do not feel the slightest discomfort, but also do not think about how to change and improve themselves, in the bottom of the circle of impoverished, more "scary" is someone also complacent, give yourself a indifferent to fame and false label.

Before the company a career predecessor, in the company for nearly a decade, and his same batch of people into the company, the basic has already left the company, stepping into a better platform, even more own opened the company became the boss. And now the company's head of the project, are more than he late into the company's descendants. Even if we have just graduated from a few years ago, also started to go up, but he has been sitting in the position of a project leader shine.

But he has a "merit", is the face of other people's jokes, he can be calm, and we are those who are younger than a large section of young people can mingle, and often indifferent to fame and wealth as the oral motto.

Throughout his work, he clocked in and went home on time, never working overtime. Company projects when there is no scramble, or even you all take away, at the end of the year, others are at least five-digit bonus Commission, he took 3,000 yuan of the monthly delight, an emergency situation will need east to borrow. Has been had been, but still in the bag of shy, alone.

At this time again to view his so-called indifferent fame and fortune, but became a great irony. After success suddenly put down, that is indifferent to fame and fortune, and if the word from a nothing, no achievements of the mouth of the people, that can only be not thinking enterprising.

The root of the problem is the lack of a sense of shame, so we can calmly face the gossip and strange vision around. And I was different, he is completely abandoned the heart of the sense of shame, making himself into the water boiled frog consciousness trap, completely lost the momentum of the forward.


The old saying goes: People can not shameless, shameless shame, shameless.

That is to say, a person can not be ashamed of shame, shameless shame, even more outrageous. and to maintain a proper sense of shame, more can standardize your code of conduct, improve your quality and accomplishment.

A period of time in the network uploaded the uproar of the "Subway Chicken Claw Female" incident, in the face of the national one-sided blame "crusade", the parties said refused to admit, because she thought her behavior did not affect public health and public safety on the subway.

Obviously, the reason for her to justify herself is to measure the right and wrong of her actions with absolute rules and regulations, but to neglect that in a group society, the rules and regulations are only a kind of restrictive means for all members, it is compulsory, but because of the consideration of human rights and so on, it also has great limitations. This requires that we need to have a self-discipline in many cases.

It can be said that absolute rules and regulations can be physically restricted to one person, but that only shows that you have complied with the most basic group order. Self-restraint is the ultimate motivation to determine the character and accomplishment of a person, and the best way to form self-restraint is to cultivate your sense of shame.

Because there is a sense of shame lurking in your heart, it will self-supervise your personal behavior at all times and elevate your personal accomplishment to another level.


Be sure to maintain a sense of shame on your way to life.

It doesn't necessarily help you end up with success, but it can increase your hunger for your goals and keep you more resilient in the face of failures and dilemmas.

It also does not instantly improve your learning skills, but it can make you better and more comfortable to live in a group society, from the inward field exudes a noble culture and sentiment.

And there is no doubt about it.

That is, you will become a better self than the present.

Maintain stronger resilience in the face of failures and dilemmas

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