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Bo-blog is an excellent personal blog publishing system and is suitable for individual users. Carefree hosts ( believe that it is not difficult to install bo-blog, but the difficulty lies in managing a blog site. The biggest headache of management is how to manage the comments and comments of bo you, reject spam ads and meaningless comments. These functions are already available in the bo-blog management system. We only need to set them a little bit to effectively reject the generation of spam comments and advertisement information. Even if the bloggers do not understand the technology, it will be easy to use. This is the power of bo-blog.
Here are four tips for blog setting, which can effectively prevent the generation of spam comments and advertisement information.
1. Enable the speech Verification Code

Setting Method: log on to the bo-blog management background, click "general settings", select "blog Settings", and enable the "Verification Code upon speaking" function under "Basic settings. 1
After this feature is enabled, you must manually enter the verification code to post comments and comments. In this way, Automatic posting by robots and vests can be effectively rejected to avoid generating a large amount of junk information.
2. Enable the bo-blog keyword filtering function

Log on to the bo-blog management background, click "Miscellaneous Settings", and click "restriction settings" to filter comments and comments of bloggers, reject words that contain spam features.
3. Open a comment review function

If the blogger has sufficient time or few comments at the beginning of the blog site, it is recommended that the blogger enable "all comments must be reviewed". After enabling this function, only the comments can be reviewed manually, to allow Publishing. Using this function requires a lot of effort and time, but it can reject the generation of junk information by 100%.
Method for enabling comment review:
Log onto the bo-blog management background, click "general settings", and select "messages, comments, and applications" under "parameter settings" to enable the function section "all comments must be reviewed"
4. If the bloggers are negligent, there will be a lot of spam comments and comments on the blog sites.

If your blog website has been neglected for prevention, a large amount of junk information is generated. Here, introduces a method for "killing mistakes and mistakes. Is to operate the mysql database table, execute the mysql statement, and delete the information directly. This method is used and requires the blogger to have a certain technical background. Please select the operation with caution.
Operation Method:
Log on to the Administrator's background, select "MYSQL" under "database maintenance", and execute the following SQL statement to delete information.
The following command analysis and user description:
Command: command function
Delete from [db] replies where reproperty = 2 delete all unreviewed comments
Delete from [db] messages where reproperty = 2 delete all unaudited messages
Delete from [db] replies where reproperty = 0/delete all reviewed comments (very dangerous)
Delete from [db] replies where reproperty = 5 delete all unaudited references
Delete from [db] replies where reproperty = 4 delete all reviewed references
For example, if the website already has thousands of comments, you only need to execute the delete from [db] replies where reproperty = 2 (delete from [db] replies) the command can be deleted once.

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