Major C language compilers in Linux

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The main C language compiler in Linux-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Major C language compilers in Linux

1. GCC
The famous gnu c/C ++/Obj-C compiler. The current version is 2.8.1, but is said to be compatible with 2.7.x.
The most widely used is the gcc 2.7.2 series. For example, the RedHat5 contains gcc
Sometimes there are some problems when using gcc on Cyrix, so there is a set of gcc for Cyrix features
Here I have RedHat5 rpms ftp: //
(Cyrix & 2.8.1)

The basic structure is a front end and back end,
/Usr/bin/gcc is a front end, and all its kernel items are placed under/usr/lib/gcc-lib,
Cpp is a C pre-processor, and more than 1 MB of cc0 * is the core module of the compiler.
PC3 C compiler
Cc1plus C ++ compiler
Cc1obj Object-C compiler
However, gcc does not integrate the compiler of Fortran. It is usually compiled with gcc only after f2c is converted to C.
It seems that there is still g77 Fortran compiler, right?

The continuous development and improvement of gcc make many communications cial compiler inferior. Of course, gcc/emacs
It was created by GNU founder Richard Stallman and is the flagship product of GNU. Of course, there is no need to say about quality :-)
Thanks to the high portability of Unix platforms, gcc is available on almost all common Unix platforms, even
Win32/DOS also has the gcc port. For example, the normal version of the damn Solaris does not even have a compiler.
So I had to use gcc...

2. EGCS (Experimental/Enhanced GNU Compiler System)
This is the development direction of gcc. If we integrate fortran and other compilers, maybe there will be Pascal?
Its structure is very clear, and all the improvements/ports to gcc are integrated back. For example, the gcc 2.7 series is said to be
Pentium was not optimized, while egcs integrated some pgcc Optimizations to Pentium.
Currently, the main development work of gcc is egcs, led by Cygnus (?), This Cygnus company is still very
Good, but also out of the GNU-Win32, SourceNavigator and so on, is the GNU solid supporter :-))


Including the C/C ++/Obj-C/Fortran compiler. The latest version 1.0.2 is under development.
Yesterday, download found that KDE Beta4 was compiled with egcs :-)

After Fortran is integrated, a back end of f771 is added to/usr/lib/gcc-lib. Of course
Or g77/f77 Compilation
I have egcs 1.0.2 rpm under RH5-CD/collect

3. PGCC (Pentium GCC)
Compiler optimized for Pentium CPU
Pgcc is said to be 30% faster than gcc in JPEG compression and decompression tests!
The new version of pgcc is based on egcs and is release in the form of a patch.
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