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I just read an article about VolkswagenArticle, I feel very well written. Because I have prepared to buy a car, I recently paid more attention to cars.

Fast Teng was very concerned about it before its listing, and it was also a public supporter. However, the performance of fast Teng after its listing is really hard to trust, simple configuration and price increase. It is simply a fool to take consumers.

Another one is the replacement of lavida products, which is similar to the appearance of the masses such as fast Teng.

What is this? The appearance is the same, but the names are different. Haha, it's so ridiculous. It's good to have a brand of DNA. But it cannot be the same.

I used to watch a car website on Volkswagen's car. Now I don't want to watch it at all. I don't even know what it is. The same looks, the same interior, and the same engine, different names.

That is, my views on the masses have changed due to fast Teng and lavida. I feel that this cannot blame the customer for changing, but the enterprise itself has caused this change.

I don't know how to manage myself, but I feel that this enterprise is the most prone to problems when it reaches its peak. For example, how powerful Nokia is, in just a moment, the defeat is so ugly.

The root cause is the management problem. With the current achievements, we do not dare to make innovations, stick to ourselves, be conservative, and want to hold on to the current achievements. Only one result is exceeded by others.

Nokia's cost control is something other companies have to learn for many years, but it is their own advantage to bury themselves.

Touch screen technology Nokia has been there for a long time, but it has never been pushed to the market. Why is it that others will not surpass the current results and they will be powerful enough.

To sum up, we must dare to break our own achievements and make new innovations in the peak period to be invincible.

By the way, we can also remember that the masses and Nokia are like each other. In order to control the cost of Modular Production, cars are freely assembled into cars with different positioning. Nokia is also known to anyone who has used Nokia mobile phones, why is Nokia's mobile phone so easy to dust? Because of its modular production, the mobile phone is assembled in several parts and glued together. Haha.

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Writing this to bed.

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