Major browser CSS3 and HTML5 Compatibility Details list

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The main mainstream browser to CSS3 and HTML5 support more and more perfect, once how many front-end developers broke the heart of the IE system began to embrace the standard. Just a few days ago, HTML5 community leader Shelley announced that HTML5 's development efforts were nearing completion, and that HTML5 would formally become an international standard in 2012 if it progressed well.

Of course, even if the standard is formally developed, modern browsers need to be popular with most users for a rather lengthy process. If you want to use CSS3 and HTML5 to create your site now, you need to have a thorough understanding of how each browser supports these two new technologies. gives a detailed list of Ie,chrome,firefox, Safari,opera's five major mainstream browsers support the various features of CSS3 and HTML5 , including Mac and A Windows two platform.

  CSS3 of genus

As can be seen from the table, CSS Transforms 3D has no browser support, in addition to other properties on the Windows platform, Chrome and Safari all support, followed by the better is Opera and Firefox , once a red fork of IE began to catch up. The MAC platform or Safari still does a good performance, followed by Firefox and Opera.

CSS3 Selector

The most pleasing is this table, in addition to the version of IE 9, the other browsers have all supported the CSS3 selector, including IE 9 and will be released next year ie 10.

  HTML5 Web Application

As you can see from the table, other features, In addition to the client database Indexdb and touch events, are all supported by Chrome and Safari.

Verified that Chrome 10 and Firefox 4 have supported Indexdb,firefox 4 also support WebSocket, but for security reasons it is not enabled by default, we can re-enable WebSocket via about:config, just enable net Work.websocket.override-security-block option.

  HTML5 Graphics and inline content

This should be HTML5 's most anticipated thing, built-in canvas, video, audio, SVG,WEBGL and other objects. All supported by Chrome, Firefox, IE 9.

  HTML5 Audio encoding

All Chrome support, Safari in addition to Ogg Vorbis outside all support, IE 9 began to support MP3 and AAC.

  HTML5 Video Encoding

Chrome all support, do not know whether I can become a unified video coding standards, look forward to.

  HTML5 Form Objects

On the Windows and MAC platforms, Opera supports all HTML5 form objects, and the IE family is annihilated.

  HTML5 Form Properties

IE once again annihilated, Opera still all support, followed by Safari,chrome,firefox.

From the above data, currently the best support for CSS3 and HTML5 is Chrome,safari, Firefox and Opera, IE 9 began to embrace the standard. Given this situation, if you want to use these two new technologies to create a pioneer experience site, now the CSS3 and HTML5 can let you realize, if you want to large-scale application of the actual project, it is too early.

Major browser CSS3 and HTML5 Compatibility Details list

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