Major security problems in China Merchants Bank Professional Edition?

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My questions(16:42:04)
My China Merchants Bank Professional Edition is no longer available and prompts me "This Professional Edition is no longer available", but I am 5. 0. It's too much to call your phone 95555. Give me a reply.

Service 2207(16:44:58)
Since the Professional edition was upgraded yesterday afternoon, the latest Professional Edition program is used nationwide. Please log on to Shenzhen or Nanjing Telecom to download"


My China Merchants Bank 5. The Professional Edition of 0 cannot be used, and 95555 cannot be transferred to the manual. Later, I contacted the network customer service to get the above result. But it is still surprising that:

China Merchants Bank suddenly upgraded the Professional Edition, and the upgrade of this professional edition is inexplicable, from 5. 0 to 5. 0.

New 5. 0. We can only see that the login interface has changed. There was no message in advance for this upgrade. It was very sudden, and it was certain that there was a major problem. Otherwise, it would not be possible to have such a sudden and strange behavior. It is estimated that at this time China Merchants Bank has already become a mess.

Now, China Merchants Bank has no phone calls, making it difficult for network customer service to connect.

The truth will always be revealed in history.



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