Make a bearychat laravel project error log notification robot

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Laravel integrated monolog to do log processing, Monolog is very powerful, but also easy to expand, in fact, it already supports a lot of Handler, you can send logs to mail or other log collection server or system, because our team use Bearychat As a team communication tool, so the real-time error log of the Laravel project is pushed to a discussion group in Bearychat, easy to find anomalies and solve problems quickly, in fact, very simple not many lines of code to be done.

    • First create the Bearychathandler
 Data[' channel '] = $channel;        $this->webhook = $webhook;    Parent::__construct ($level, $bubble);  }/** * {@inheritDoc} */protected function write (array $record) {$postData = [' Text ' = = $record [' DateTime ']->format (' y-m-d h:i:s '). '-' . $record ["Level"]. '-' .            $record ["Level_name"], ' markdown ' = false, ' notification ' = ' Laravel Error Log ', ' Attachments ' = [' title ' = ' + Current ' (Preg_split ("/([. \n\r]+)/I", $record [' Messa            GE ']), ' text ' = = $record [' message '], ' color ' = ' #ffa500 ']        ]        ];        $postString = Json_encode (Array_merge ($this->data, $postData));        $ch = Curl_init ();        curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_url, $this->webhook);        curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_post, true);        curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_returntransfer, true); curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_posTfields, $postString);        curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_httpheader, Array ("Content-type:application/json"));    Curl\util::execute ($ch); }}

As long as you inherit Abstractprocessinghandler, rewrite the Write method, write the Webhook address to Bearychat post data, $record is the details of the Monolog logging

    • Create a bearychat group to accept notifications

      • Create a new discussion group, such as "Laravel error log Report"
      • Add a robot to the discussion group, click Incoming Add a "Laravel log Robot", send the target to select the previous step of the "Laravel error log Report", so that the Webhook URL address is obtained
      • Add the appropriate personnel to this discussion group
    • Integrated Chearychathandler

In the Official Handbook, you have complete control of monolog like this.

Custom Monolog Configuration

If you would a and have a complete control over what Monolog is configured for your application, the Applicatio N ' s configuremonologusing method. You should place a call to this method in your bootstrap/app.php file right before the $app variable is returned by the FI Le

$app->configuremonologusing (function ($monolog) {$monolog->pushhandler (...);});

return $app;

But we have to keep the default record to log file in addition to Chearychat, so we do not, we just need to Exception Handler place to add a our chearychathandler on it.

To modify the app/exceptions/handler.php, add the following code to the report method:

  Pushhandler (New Bearychathandler (' Https://yourhookurl ', ' laravel Log Robot '));        Return Parent::report ($e);    } ......}

Well, write a mistake in the code to see if Bearychat received the error log.

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