Make a cup of hot tea with Photoshop 7.0

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Double-click the Phtoshop 7.0 icon to enter its interface, select "File-->new (New)" from the menu bar, pop up a dialog box, set the width (width) to 3000 (pixels), height (height) to 2500 (pixels), Mode:rgb Color.

2. Do background effect
In the layers (layer) panel bottom edge, click (New Layer) button, get Layer1. Click the (Set color) button and set the foreground color to black, as shown below:

Press "Alt+delete" to fill the Layer1 figure to black.

3. Decorate the background layer
Create a new LAYER2 layer, set the foreground color to blue, click, then execute, select it in the pop-up Drop-down box, and then hold down the left mouse button to click on the black background layer. The following figure:

4. Make Table
Create a new Layer3 layer, click, pull an ellipse on the Layer3 layer interface, and fill it with white in steps 2.

5. Make the side of the plate and the shadow of the cup below
Create a new LAYER4 layer and press the above method to make a small white oval. Pull it two times to (new layer) button, have to Layer4 two copy layer, double-click them to Layer5,layer6 respectively. Pull the Layer5 to the bottom of the Layer4 and pull Layer6 under Layer5. "Press CTRL + click Layer4" to make Layer4 float. Sets the foreground color to gray and the background color to white. Click, then click, hold the mouse from the oval outside to the center pull; floating Layer6, click, Box Live the upper part of the ellipse, press DELETE, delete, press "Ctrl+t", the mouse to the transformation point, will appear to rotate or adjust the size of the symbol, at this time adjustable size Float the LAYER5 and move the LAYER5 with the direction key so that its edge is beyond the edge of the Layer4, thus making the edge of the plate. The following figure:

6. Make the bottom of the plate
In step 5, copy the Laye6, and the resulting layer is changed to Layer7. Fill in a darker color than the Laye6, and resize it by the method adjusted in step 5. Right-click Layer7, in the Pop-up drop-down menu, select "Blending Options", set the relief effect. The following figure:

The effect of getting the bottom of the plate is as follows:

7. Make the shadow of the grass-hui and the plate shadow
New Layer9, click, pull out a slender area for grass roots, fill with green. Click to perform "Window-->brushes" to set the following figure:

On the grassroots point out some grass-hui. Then go back to the diagram and set the angle:-98,roundness:100%. And then point out some of the grass-hui.

Copy the Layer9, change the transparency of the copied layer to 21%, and move to the appropriate location, such as the following figure:

Create a new Layer10, draw an ellipse, fill with the Layer4 method, that is, the shadow of the disc. Click, select the Brush shape, and then add shadows and decorations to the grass. The following figure:

8. Make a cup body
On top of the Layer4, create a new Layer11, draw an ellipse, truncate a small piece, and fill in the color. Press "Ctrl+t", and then hold down the CTRL key while pulling the transformation points to adjust their shape and size. Perform "Filter"-->render (render)-->lens Flare (Lens flash), click the top right of the cup with the mouse, and make it appear "+". The following figure is as follows:

9. Make a cup handle
Create a new Layer12, click on the Pen tool and click to draw the path to the handle. Then click and, adjust the path smoothing and size. Go back to the Paths (path) panel, click Workpath, and then click the button below to convert the path to a selection and fill in the color. Then add the effect of the light by the method of step 8.

The following figure:

10. Make Cup mouth and cup of tea
Create a new Layer12, draw an ellipse, adjust the size, fill in white, as a cup mouth. Copy the Layer12, adjust the resulting graphics size, set its gradient fill color, and press the Fill method above to pull the mouse from the oval toward the center. The following figure:

11. Make Hot air
New Layer13, set foreground color and background color to black and white. Executes the filter-->render (render)-->clouds (cloud). The following figure:

Use the Magic Wand tool to select the following figure:

Press DELETE, press "Ctrl+shift+i", reverse, and fill with white. Press "Ctrl+d" to cancel the selection. Execute the filter (filter)--> Blur (Blur)-->motion Blur (motion Blur), set the following figure:

Executes the filter (filter)-->distort (skew)-->shear (shear). The following figure:

Press "Ctrl+t", then hold down "Ctrl", and pull the transform point, adjust its shape to become larger, the following small like a trapezoid, and the whole shape smaller, and then perform the "filter (filter)-->distort (twisted)-->shear ( Shear) ". Executes the filter (filter)-->blur (Blur)-->gaussian Blur (Gaussian blur), and radius is 8.8 Pixels. Wipe off the parts with no. Copy hot air, perform "edit"-->transform (flip)-->flip Vertical (Flip), and then wipe off most of the gas. Click to change font size, enter text, and click on changing glyphs. The results of the drawing are as follows:

12. image file output
If you want to keep all the layers of the output image, click File-->save As command on the menu bar, and then in the dialog box that pops up, select the extension. PSD "image File format, set the file name and path for saving files, click the Save button, and if you want all layers of the output image to be merged, select the Save command from the File menu, and then select an image file format in the pop-up dialog box, set the file name and path for saving the files, and click the Save button.

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