Make a dynamic music photo album easily with PowerPoint2007

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Using the PowerPoint2007 album feature, we can easily make our own photos into a dynamic album with music. Let's try it now!

In the PowerPoint2007 Insert tab, click "Album-new album."

Diagram: PowerPoint2007 new album

In the Create Album dialog box, tap the File/Disk button.

Diagram: PowerPoint2007 Insert Photos

Select the photos you want to insert from the computer's local folder. Because the picture is relatively small, so we "picture layout" select "2 Pictures", which means inserting two pictures in one page.

"Picture in album" indicates the file name of the picture, the up and down arrow buttons below can adjust the order of the picture, and the Delete button helps us to pick the picture.

The small icon below the preview picture also helps us to do a simple rotation of the picture, adjust the contrast and brightness, and so on.


Rotate the picture clockwise ·

Rotate the picture counterclockwise ·

Improve contrast ·

Reduce contrast ·

Increase Brightness ·

Reduce brightness

Icon: PowerPoint2007 Set Album

Click the "Create" button to get a PowerPoint2007 album.

Icon: PowerPoint2007 Create a good simple album

Now we have the special effect of selecting transitions for album pages in the Animation tab.

PowerPoint2007 in the preset a very rich transition effect, and when we choose some effect, the screen will automatically play once, so that you can visually see the actual switching effect, very convenient.

Diagram: PowerPoint2007 Add transition effects

We can also choose to insert Sound on the Insert tab to add wonderful music to the PowerPoint2007 album.

Diagram: PowerPoint2007 add music

If you need to further edit an existing album, simply click on the "album-Edit album" in the "Insert" tab.

Icon: PowerPoint2007 Edit Album

Now we go to the "Edit album" dialog box. This dialog box is very consistent with the interface we created just now.

We can add a text box to the picture here, choose the album layout, and so on.

Icon: PowerPoint2007 Edit Album

Click on the "Browse" button at the end of the "theme" in album layout to see many of the ready-made topics PowerPoint2007 offers.

Diagram: PowerPoint2007 set album layout

These topics are very rich, just click on your favorite theme, press the "Select" button, the selected theme will be applied to the album just created.

Icon: PowerPoint2007 Select album theme

Look, is the new theme we choose More beautiful?! If you need more theme templates, you can also go to Microsoft's official website to download.

Diagram: PowerPoint2007 using a new theme album

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