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1 Create a 600*600 transparent new image document and use the Ellipse tool to select a circular selection.

2 Create a new layer (named mesh), customize a mesh pattern, and fill the selection with a pattern.

3 Now we want to make the grid more spherical, the menu selects filter>distort>spherize, parameter 100% and executes the filter twice in succession. Note Do not cancel the selection at this time.

4 Create a new layer under the mesh layer, named head

5 produces a spherical gradient from light gray to dark in the layer head and cancels the selection, as shown below:

6 re-select layer mesh, add layer style bevel and emboss, parameters are as follows:

7 The results of the previous operation are shown below:

8 Create a new gradient, as shown in the following figure:

9 Create a new layer, try the rectangular selection with the Rectangle tool, and use the gradient from the previous step to produce a gradient from top to bottom:

10 We need to make this gradient a bit layered, copy the layer to two of the same size layer, placed under the gradient layer. One fills white and the other fills with black.

11 Moves the black rectangle 1 pixels to the right, and the white rectangle moves 1 pixels to the left.

12 repeat 9-11 steps until the effect is shown below.

13 to create a new layer head, will have moved to the group head.

14 Create a new layer on the layer head, select the rectangle, and fill it with the gradient effect set up in part eighth.

15 Press CTRL + T to perform the free transform to deform the right side of the rectangle as shown below:

16 Perform Image>canvas size enlarge the image and select a new rectangle and fill the gradient effect


17 Free Transform rectangle as shown below:

18 darken the microphone handle and press CTRL + L to eject the level dialog with the following parameters:

19 The effect of the previous step:

20 Copy the graphics made in step 15th and move to the end of the microphone.

21 Use the free transform to reduce it to the appropriate size.

22 we can add some text.

23 Use filters on the text layer: Filter>distort>spherize.

24 Use the free transform to make the text exactly close to the microphone edge.

25 and now we've got a finished microphone:

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