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I wrote a blog yesterday and did not expect to attract numerous comments. It was surprising. Previously, my blog with great care seems to be less eye-catching.

I am not busy in the morning. Let's make a summary:

Mvm is not the same person as me. He is a friend of mine and a person with great ideas. As he said, I have paid for the decoration, and the poor workers make me very worried. I am worried every day, and new things bother me every day. I am very busy at work and under a lot of pressure. I really want to kill them. They always tell me that I have to go to the construction site right away when I go to work.

Myzerg's message touched me with some comfort. I think he/she has also experienced the hard work and quarrel of decoration. People are easy to show open-minded or even "noble" about things they have never experienced or experienced for a long time ". Of course, I do not deny that some people are able to show excessive tolerance for the hard work they are experiencing. But I cannot. I am an ordinary person.

In addition, cheerly also showed a different understanding of me, although there are different opinions. I don't know cheerly. I guess she/he is a friend of echo. I think it is necessary for me to share what I know.

Migrant workers do have a hard life because many people in their hometown need their support, not because of their low income. I don't know about the work foreman in my house, but I know the income of small workers. The electrician told me that he had an average monthly income of less than 3000. Less than 3000, this number sounds very general, but many of today's college graduates do not yet have this number. Today's white-collar workers are under a lot of pressure and are exhausted, that is, 3000.

I would like to say that there are many kinds of people: people with strong sense of responsibility are willing to do things well subjectively. For example, our painter is indeed a very responsible old master, I am very polite to him, and I have served him N times, because he has a sense of responsibility for doing things. People with no sense of responsibility are not willing to do things well subjectively, i'm only interested in money, but I never thought about how to afford my money.

Both migrant workers and our so-called white-collar workers are working. I do not think that being conscientious or not responsible is related to the education I receive. I think it is related to the character and attitude of people. If an uneducated person is conscientious, conscientious, and diligent, he can do what he is good. In turn, if educated people do not do things with their own conscience, the results will certainly be poor.

I don't think it is necessary to be sensitive to the geographical issue, and everything is taken to the upper-level online. Xuebin grew up in the north. I don't seem to love him because he didn't grow up in Shanghai.

What is important is that people have nothing to do with the region. There are bad people in all places and good people in all places. Isn't there anyone who understands this principle?

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