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Long story short is I want to make an app, noisy very fire phonegap want to use a bit, so take HTML5 and JS prototyping

The user experience of this two language (which is called the two languages) has never been particularly good.

And for the sake of a responsive HTML5 canvas is also the top ten, incompatible with the framework of a similar foundation because window resize has been used. Furthermore, all your asset must be in moderation and need to be clear about the relative proportions of screen size. It's okay. The canvas will be re-rendered flashing and annoying when placed on the iphone.

So want to try native app, previously engaged in Objective C cocos-2d, when Xcode at the beginning of the reality of complex file hierarchy and long compile time I was timid, because I am lazy, seems to have not the kind of enjoy a step progress enthusiasm, I just Want to get the shit-done ASAP

Okay unity, to be honest with 3D 2D is the head big, rinsed well scene, pour out, it seems to need Apple license. Wait for the company to come down.

Find 3d model is also head big, purchased don't know not reliable, free is crappy rubbish

I want to use blender to do a bar, and make lazy. Still can't enjoy a step-by-step learning tutorial sense of accomplishment.

The free stuff is not perfect, but why not have a better development experience?

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